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How to Shop like a Man: Explained

How to Shop like a Man: Explained

There is a stereotype about the way men and women shop – men hate it, but women love it. Enough people adhere to either side of it that it seems to have become a male ‘thing’ to avoid shopping whenever possible – which seems to be frustratingly often. But don’t despair! Thanks to the internet, men’s shopping advice is much more easily found and acted on. And no, it isn’t what you’d think. Men don’t need to turn into the worst stereotype of a woman in order to go shopping, or even (dare I say it) enjoy shopping. They and the people shopping with them just need to bear a few things in mind.

Know what you want

            The best way to handle shopping, particularly if you don’t like it, is to go out knowing what you want to find that day. Whether it is to replace necessities or find some new pieces, you need to have a clear plan of action.

            Another side of this is being able to plan your shopping trip more effectively. If you are out for the day, make a plan so that you start further away from your mode of transport, and move towards it. This keeps you from doing all your shopping and then needing to traipse back to your car afterwards.

Know what you need

            This is slightly different from knowing what you want. There are things which should appear in everybody’s wardrobe, and then there are things which are dictated by circumstance. For example, every man should own a smart suit in one of a number of colours, and a black suit (for funerals). They should also have a brown belt and a black belt because they need to match your shoes.

            Beyond that, everybody has a need for the basics, including underwear, t-shirts, jeans, socks, and so on.

Know your fit

            When you see something in the shops that you can see yourself wearing, or think you can slot into your existing wardrobe, you need to know how it fits. You can try it on if you like, and that would answer any questions you have, but a quicker method is being able to eyeball it, knowing your measurements so well that you can see at a glance whether or not it would work.

            Knowing your fit by eyesight takes practice, especially when you consider that lots of different fits exist, is something that takes practice, but eventually, you’ll manage it.

Know how online shopping works

            If you really can’t stand in-person shopping, consider switching to using online shopping entirely. Online shopping lets you see lots of different stores without moving a muscle, and it also allows you to see clothes and fashions from other countries around the world as well, opening up new avenues of potential fashions. The online shopping business makes everything a lot less painful – you don’t need to deal with people, with crowds, with lines, with carrying heavy bags…

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