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Can Men Take Biotin for Hair Growth and How It Works?

Can Men Take Biotin for Hair Growth and How It Works?

The hair loss experienced by men can be a traumatic, depressing episode that takes a lot of getting use to and reluctantly addressing. That look in the mirror and the realisation that mother nature and the ageing process is taking hold leaves many men looking at solutions to reintroduce hair growth. Taking biotin has proved popular in recent times for men seeking a solution to this age-old issue.

How Does Biotin Work?

Some may ask the obvious pertinent question though, “What is biotin for hair and how does it work?”, Well, scientifically put, biotin is a soluble B vitamin that is an essential component of enzymes and will metabolise proteins, thus, in turn, encouraging cell growth. In basic English, that means it gives cells energy to grow. And it is this cell growth that is essential to the hair growth process. Several Academic studies have shown the link between adequate biotin and hair growth. In addition to hair growth further medical evidence has shown the other benefits, such as the vitamin is also absolutely essential in the process of carrying carbon dioxide around the body which supports the healthy blood sugar level. Biotin really is a wonderful vitamin to the body.

How Many Men Suffer Hair Loss and What Causes It?

Unfortunately, not all male hair loss is related to a lack of biotin, some may experience baldness through hormonal or other issues such as stress. An astonishing 85% of men will face thinning hair by the age of 50 and it’s not just the more mature amongst the population who face the problem, sadly a quarter of the worlds men will face hair thinning by the age of 21! At such a young age this condition can have devastating consequences on confidence and in today’s body image conscious world this can in severe cases hinder relationships, career goals and educational aspirations.

Any man suffering hair loss should establish the cause first. For those suffering a biotin deficiency with correlated hair loss, clearly, the evidence is there that biotin for thinning hair can make a positive difference. For those with other causes, they should seek the required treatment. They should however also seek to use biotin products to assist in promoting the hair growth. Biotin supplements, combined directly with biotin for hair will support the body’s requirements for this essential B vitamin.

What Is the Recommended Intake of Biotin?

Some may worry about taking biotin, but don’t worry though, it is important to understand biotin is a naturally occurring compound which is usually received through one’s diet. In fact, in the USA the adequate intake is recommended to be 30μg a day and in Europe that is actually increased to 40μg a day. To meet these levels it is important to eat biotin foods such as beef liver or pork liver, salmon or cheddar cheese. For those amongst us who do not eat meat, you will find whole wheat bread, avocado, eggs and cauliflower will provide your daily adequate intakes of biotin. However, be warned, those of you who enjoy eating a large quantity of eggs may find you accidentally induce a biotin deficiency! Egg whites have a natural protein called avidin that can prevent biotin absorption.


Can I Take Too Much Biotin?

Preventing biotin absorption will clearly adversely affect the biotin hair benefits described previously, as well as increase the risks of a variety of other medical conditions such as dermatitis, rashes and conjunctivitis. Biotin is a fascinating compound and subject to much medical research. This medical research has demonstrated that there is no prescribed upper limit for biotin consumption and that no adverse effects are experienced. This has been endorsed by the US Institute of Medicine. If you are still not sure, rest assured, the body provides a natural biotin balance through intestinal bacteria!

Despite the ongoing medical research, it is clear that while the medical profession may not be able to completely cure male baldness anytime soon and that there are a variety of different causes and each with different solutions, there are options available to men. While each cause and solution are dealt with in a different way, it is clear to see that taking biotin whether as a stand-alone solution to deficiency or to compliment another treatment, it is a safe and effective way to support hair loss, whatever the cause.

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