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What you need to know before buying white gold jewelry

What you need to know before buying white gold jewelry

White gold jewelry had never been on my radar before now, I always preferred yellow or rose gold but after looking through my jewelry case I realized I didn’t own a lot of ‘silver-like’ jewelry – I was trying my best to avoid getting silver but after doing a lot of research I discovered a better alternative  White Gold Jewelry

What is White Gold

Although this variance of jewelry has a silver look, it’s not silver. White gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold and other white metals, to give it a luxurious white appearance similar to silver. It’s usually coated with a metal called Rhodium to strengthen and give it an extra shine and long-lasting quality. Authentic Silver, on the other hand, is pure silver that’s mixed with copper. It has a shiny white look like white gold but its a budget-friendly alternative to white gold

White gold is very durable, the karat of gold also contributes to the metal’s longevity. The more the percentage of gold, the softer the metal. Rhodium provides additional protection from scratches of daily wear. It is also quite gentle on the skin.

 Rhodium also does not cause skin irritation that silver jewelry sometimes causes

How to style white gold

White gold is a neutral colour so it goes with everything, for the look above, I want something that wouldn’t clash with the sequin dress and this dainty necklace from Aurate was the perfect match. It’ll make your outfit look regal and sophisticated.

In summary, whenever you are shopping for jewelry, always buy from a store you can trust. A reliable store will give you an authentic certificate for their fine jewelry pieces. Always do your research and remember- cheaper isn’t always better

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