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What to wear: Gidi Culture Festival 2015

What to wear: Gidi Culture Festival 2015

The Gidi culture festival is like the Coachella of Africa,its happening one the 4th of April at Eko Atlantic  and it will have a line up of both Local and International Artists and DJs.I love places like this because I’m sure there will be good food plus Saturday is my cheat day! Whoop!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when coming

Leave the heels at home: Its a beach party! its really not that serious,be as casual as you can ,you can bring along your wedge sneakers tho’

Light Makeup: The Lagos weather is having brain-touch right now,one minute is really hot then the next its raining,keep your makeup light so you don’t melt under the hot sun and stick to the waterproof products just in case the rain comes pouring

Suncreen: Protect your skin hunnay,bring you sunscreen along with you so you can reapply,I recommend this

I found a couple of clothes online  that are music festival worthy (all items are Nigerian)


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The Ankara turban from TOTE is everything btw, I’m so getting one !


I really hope I make it and I don’t change my mind last minute as usual lol

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