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Sherry London: Prom,Cocktail and Evening Dresses

Sherry London: Prom,Cocktail and Evening Dresses

Well as its famously known a good picture is worth a thousand words, so is a dress. I came across this site  its a UK based online store  and they have all kinds of dresses at a very  reasonable price
Prom isn’t so popular in Nigeria (at least in my days) but nothing will stop me from wearing those prom dresses on the site,its fun,playful and young.
If your looking for bridesmaid dresses or even dresses to wear to a wedding/party,this is where to check .
They ship to Nigeria! 
These dresses below are my favorites from the site
A crop top never looked so classy.the color is everything!
This dress reminds me of a Virgos lounge I wanted but its sold out,its definitely at the top of my wishlist plus it come in plenty colors
These dresses will definitely turn heads #Showstopper 😀
Which dress is your favorite?
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  • I’m really struggling on finding a prom dress and I finally found a dress on the site but I’m not sure if it’s reliable or trustworthy, all the reviews I have seen are just observations and not people who have actually ordered from the site which isn’t really reliable

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