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What Jewelry Is In This Fall?

What Jewelry Is In This Fall?

Well, the fall is here, the crisp cold mornings and the fashionable accessories like scarves are finally back to brighten the dreary weather outside. This month’s special birthstone is opal, so you may want to rock any opal jewelry you have.

But what kind of jewelry goes well with the fall? Each season, there are certain items that simply impose themselves onto the market and everyone seems to want them. If you want to be in the loop and to be abreast of the latest happenings in the world of fashion, here are some interesting suggestions.

Engagement Rings for the Fall

If you are getting engaged this autumn and you have a say about your ring, the fall engagement rings which are particularly trendy during this season are typically rose gold or red gold bands with several smaller diamonds, or a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger stone. It helps if the diamond is pink or yellow, but these are not as common, so clear diamonds work just as well.

If you want to push the theme of the fall further, there are some custom made engagement rings with leaf, vine, or rose motifs incorporated into the design.


When it comes to earrings, the delicate thin lines are relegated to the back, while more pronounced, thicker earrings are in. Particularly popular are the thick hoop earrings which simply stole the shows all across Fashion Weeks this fall.

Bringing more focus to your earrings is easy with thick hoops, but to make your earrings really be noticed, you should look into the sheet metal hanging pieces. These reflective and large earrings are definitely going to draw some attention, so make sure that your style is on par with them.

The third big trend emerging this fall are hanging crystal chandelier earrings. These have been a popular choice for parties, but they have found their place in the mainstream this season.

Rope Necklaces

When it comes to necklaces, this season is a bit over the top with thick rope necklaces of bright and bold colors to match with your clothes and other accessories. These rope necklaces usually come adorned with various tassels and studs, so don’t be shy to experiment with other accessories of the same design, like earrings or purses.

gold engagement ring with diamonds in beautiful rose flower, macro view and copy space


Another accessory which is following the mantra ‘the bigger the better’ this season are rings. Thick, oversized metal bands really capture the eye and can draw attention to other things you may be wearing like delicate and expensive engagement rings.

An interesting motif that has sprung into the mainstream are snakes. Snake rings and other accessories came to prominence largely thanks to Gucci, but other designers and jewelry makers are making the trend huge. A snake coiling around your finger gives you a bit of a dangerous, mysterious charm that every woman can use.

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Hand Chains

This hybrid piece of jewelry is not exactly a ring, but it is not a bracelet either. What it is, though, is a huge hit this fall. They are inspired by traditional pieces from exotic places such as India. Essentially, there are two hoops, one which goes around your wrist and another that goes on your finger. These two are connected by delicate threads of various metals.

These have been used in traditional cultures as a way to showcase the delicate hands and fingers of ladies, which is exactly why it was so easily adopted into the mainstream of western fashion and jewelry design.

Some of these trends seem hardly compatible, but that’s the beauty of it. You can mix and choose the styles according to your mood or the occasion. Just find a reputable retailer to buy jewelry from, and you will surely be in the loop of the latest trends.

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