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Stunning Modest Wedding Dresses For 2017/2018

Stunning Modest Wedding Dresses For 2017/2018

We all love Emma Watson for her awesome style but what’s even more special is her mantra that “less is more.” This doesn’t mean that you need to wear as less as possible, instead, she explains that the lesser you reveal, the sexier you look. And this is not just something that she says but it can be seen in her everyday outfits as well as formal or red carpet looks.

For instance, you’ll never see her wearing a mini skirt as such items make her feel uncomfortable. If you can relate to these feelings, you’re probably a fan of modest wear. So, whether you choose modest outfits out of religious reasons, a love for this style or simply to stay warm at the winter weddings, here’s how to choose the perfect dresses that are chic and yet modest.

Modest Bridal Wear

The dress you wear on the most important day of your life should be all about you and what you believe in as only a dress like this would let your true personality shine. Luckily, not just Emma Watson but many other celebrities like Kate Middleton, Adele and even Angelina Jolie have proven in recent years that a formal gown can look amazing and stylish even if it doesn’t show lots of skin.

There’s no doubt that even a full-sleeved, high neckline, full-skirted gown with the right fitting can make you look like the queen of chic modesty for your big day. So make sure that the fitting is neither too tight, nor too loose and the cut of the wedding gown helps balance your silhouette.

If you want to add some drama, then make use of the latest trend for statement sleeves. There are a number of versatile styles to choose from such as bell sleeves, bishop sleeves, Chantilly lace or pleated ones.

The perceptions of modesty differ from one individual to another – a Muslim bride may choose to completely cover her hair with a hijab while a Christian one can simply choose to wear a veil. No matter what accessories you choose, make sure that they go well with your dress theme as well as your face shape.

Modest Dresses for Wedding Guests

There are a number of modest options for women these days, when it comes to what you can wear to a wedding. And no, none of these have to be dull, shapeless or unflattering ones because whether you’re looking for something simple and classy or blingy and fancy, there’s something there for everyone.

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One of the trendiest ideas of the year is surely the dress over pants look as they give us a modest way to wear our pants as well as any dresses that are otherwise too short. Modest maxi dresses are another timeless outfit choice as you can find them in a huge range of styles, colours and cuts.

They say you are what your wear. So why shouldn’t your outfits represent your values, traditions and integrity? Rock this wedding season in outfits that represent the real you and not what people want to see on you.


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