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Why You Must Own The World’s Most Famous Watch Brand

Why You Must Own The World’s Most Famous Watch Brand

Quality, accuracy, and hand-crafted perfection – what more can you ask of a luxury watch manufacturer?

When it comes to the purchase of a luxury watch, one that is both reliable and exquisite to look at, there is really only one stand-out name in the industry – Rolex. The brand has been in existence since 1905 and is thought to produce around 2,000 watches per day. Rolex is a name that oozes both sophistication and extravagance. The recognition that is associated with the brand means that your wrist is making a huge statement when it is adorned with a Rolex. From celebrities to renowned businessmen, those who wear a Rolex do so with pride. Here are some of the many reasons why Rolex is the leader in the luxury watch industry and will continue to be so for years to come. No matter which list of luxury watches you will read, Rolex will be featured.



Rolex watches hold their value and much like fine wine, they even increase in popularity with age. Those who are lucky enough to own a double red Sea-Dweller or perhaps a King Midas, understand the style that these pieces still exude and the envious glances that they attract in comparison to more contemporary designs. Not only that, if you’re looking to invest in Rolex watches, then you’ll find that those that are out of production tend to go up in value, so if you’re willing to sell then you could make a tidy profit.



A watch is only as good as the exactness of the time it tells, and this is yet another area in which Rolex really excels. All mechanical watches experience a loss of accuracy, and the COSC, which is the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres or Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, classes a watch to be accurate so long as it runs within a range of -4 seconds to +6 seconds per day. However, Rolex watches operate within a much tighter deviation of -2 to +2 seconds, proving that the brand is the most accurate on the market. Rolex is so confident of this, that they’re willing to guarantee this precision for a period of five years.


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Handcrafted To Perfection

Many watch companies require the use of third-party components or manufacture in the production of their pieces. However, Rolex chooses to produce their watches in-house across various factories in Switzerland. This business model ensures that Rolex itself can maintain a tighter grip on the entire manufacture process and are able to achieve strict quality control of their products. You may assume that a brand as large as Rolex requires complex machinery to assemble their watches, but in fact most of the parts are built from scratch onsite and are then put together by hand. This allows for the most incredible craftmanship, including the intricate step of applying and then riveting each hourly marker on the watch. Finally, Rolex dials are then dropped from a height of 20cm to make sure that none of these markers is disturbed.

Rolex watches are not cheap, but with the level of quality they possess, you wouldn’t expect them to be. However, as well as looking great, you can consider them to be a lifelong investment, and with any luck, you’ll find your watch going up in value as the years progress.


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