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Need a new wristwatch? Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the one for you

Need a new wristwatch? Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the one for you

Buying a new watch is almost like a life altering decision for people that are super into wristwatches. Making the correct choice is critical but if you don’t, hey, you can always buy another one (which many actually like). However, if you only have enough cash for one watch, or if you’re trying to nail it down from the first try, you’re going to need some help. This little guide will help you know which the best is for you, so you don’t have to spend hours looking up designer men’s fashion watches.

Mechanical watches

 Mechanical watches are represented by watches that work through a mainspring. This means that in order for a mechanical watch to be any good, it has to be handcrafted, and that’s part of what attracts so many people to this type of watch. That sense of personal effort and passion put into the watch, it’s something you can’t really get anywhere else.

There is also a category of watches called automatic watches, and they’re basically mechanical watches that don’t need to be manually wound up. Instead, they use an inner mechanism to wind themselves up when you move your wrist around, making them more convenient versions of the same stylish watches.


Reasons to get a mechanical watch

  • Style and character
  • No battery
  • Smooth movement

Quartz watches

These are a more common type of watches and they make a ticking sound you are probably more familiar with. Instead of using a mainspring, they rely on an electric pulse generated through the interaction between a small battery and a quartz crystal. The end result is a high functioning watch that is actually more accurate than any other. No seconds are lost throughout the day and the fact that they’re so cheap makes things even better.

Reasons to get a Quartz watch

  • Very accurate
  • More affordable
  • Less maintenance required


Wearing for the occasion

Depending on what you’re doing or what kind of event you’re going to, different types of watches might be a better fit to compliment your outfit. Here are the main types of watches you should know about.

  • The Dress Watch is a very simplistic yet elegant and attractive watch that focuses on subtlety
  • The Field Watch is a descendant of the war time military watch and inherits a classy looking ruggedness to it as well as a high degree of functionality
  • The Dive Watch is a type of watch meant for people that get in or around water a lot and maintains high functionality even after being submerged in water
  • The Racing Watch is a casual type of watch descended from watches used by race car drivers to tell exact, accurate time back in the day

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