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Looking your best while rocking yoga pants

Looking your best while rocking yoga pants

Yoga pants are a very common and popular clothing item that lets the lower part of the body freely move. This is an important aspect especially when you engage in physical activity.  However, as comfortable as they are for some, the idea of wearing yoga pants doesn’t bode well with others. This is because they don’t feel like yoga pants do them justice, or don’t look chic enough. Let’s go over some fundamental rules on how to still look your best even when you’re wearing yoga pants. By the end of this piece, you’ll know that there is such a thing as fashion yoga leggings.

Learn the art of camouflage

If yoga pants don’t do your body justice, it’s understandable how you wouldn’t want to wear them. However, if you feel comfortable and you’re just worried about appearances, you can get a much longer top that will cover up the parts of your body that the yoga pants aren’t very kind to.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Sometimes, it’s not the yoga pants themselves that ruin your image, but what you choose to wear underneath. If your panty lines are showing through your yoga pants, it’s a good sign to change something. Try panties that aren’t so obvious through light clothing and avoid high contrast color combinations. Once you make your undergarments and yoga pants work together and blend into something cohesive, you might change your opinion about them.

Take the attention off your lower body

The reason you feel like so much attention is being drawn to your lower body by your yoga pants is because you’re not making enough ruckus in the upper part. Use the opp0ortunity of wearing something as simple as yoga pants, to really go wild with your top or upper clothing.  Yoga pants can be very dull so they’re the perfect partner for something bright and eye-catching up top.

Put your feet out there

Another cool thing about yoga pants is that they make your feet and shoes ore noticeable. Make sure to rock some killer footwear that will completely take the show away. Even if you’re not quite a tennis show freak, you can appreciate the aesthetic value of a good pair of shoes.  Normally pants make too much noise for the shoes to matter that much, but with something like yoga pants, the center stage is prepped and ready for your favorite and loudest shoes to come in swinging.

Wearing yoga pants might not be for you right now, but trying out these tips might help you realize that you were just using them wrong all along.  Simplicity can emphasize on parts of your body you’re not quite comfortable being in the forefront, but the trick is to use the yoga pants to redirect all the attention to your own focal points, like the shoes and top.

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