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Welcome To The Beard Club! Learn How You Can Grow Your Facial Hair Fast!

Welcome To The Beard Club! Learn How You Can Grow Your Facial Hair Fast!

Men age beautifully, don’t you think? It’s like the years that go by actually do them a favor. Every line, every strand of grey hair, they make them look even better. I guess it’s one of the few, rare occasions that you become thankful for being old.

I mean, have you seen your primary school buddies in recent years?

It’s not uncommon for people who have not seen each other for a long time to identify the changes in one another. We all go through individual growth – physically and mentally. Of course, all of us go through puberty for better or worse. When puberty has been kind to you, the results can be mesmerizing. It can be so drastic, even, that your friends will step back in shock. And for people who are blessed with such unfair genes, things just get better as they age. Just check this out:

Snotty little Lesly becomes manly stud Henry!

One of the most notable features in grown-up men that make them look so distinctive is facial hair. You have got to love a man with a beard. It gives them an aura of masculinity and sexiness that normal stubble can’t seem to bring out. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with this amount of hairiness. What can I say? Some men are just born like Siamese cats.

Not to worry, though. Thanks to today’s technology, you can grow your dream beard in no time. You can grow that magnificent facial hair and finally be part of the good old beard club. Of course, nice facial locks come with great responsibility. So before you start any of these methods, make sure that you’re ready to put in the extra effort to take care of your facial hair (see video). If you’re willing to take care of not just your crowning glory but your smiling glory as well, then you should be ready enough to earn that manly beard you’ve always dreamed about.

Here are a couple of ways to grow a thicker and healthier beard:    

  1. Shave Often

You know how when hair is cut it tends to grow back thicker and longer? Yes, just like with babies, your beard may grow fuller using this method. It doesn’t matter if you have really thin stubble at the start. You can still shave it – just be careful not to scrape off your chin though! Shaving it will actually encourage the growth of thicker hair so make sure you do it frequently and consistently. Buying a nice automatic shaver should do the trick! Or, you can opt for the old school method and buy yourself a cool beard knife.

  • Use Beard Oil & Creams

If there are ointments you can use to save your receding hairline, then you bet there are products to grow your soon-to-be glorious facial hair too. More often than not, beard growth products have Argan oil which is well-noted for its assistive qualities for hair growth. While the oil itself will not hasten the growing out process, it will create the right conditions for facial to grow. Not to mention, it helps moisturize the skin beneath your beard so that you will feel less discomfort while growing out the hair (it can get itchy, especially with all the shaving). Aside from oil products, there are also cream-based ones so it’s really up to your preference. Check out these Royal Beard Club products to know more.

  • Eat Right

Did you know that you can help your beard grow out by eating the right kinds of food? There are many edibles that promote hair growth – including those that grow in your facial area. If you really want to rock that sexy, masculine look soon, loading your diet with certain kinds of food will definitely help. You can try including eggs and nuts with your breakfast. Have more beef for dinner. And eat more seafood like fish and oysters whenever available. These types of food are known to help promote hair growth. Plus, they’re pretty good food choices too. So, it’s not like you’d be losing anything by eating right.

Anyway, if you want your facial hair to look super stunning as soon as possible, doing these tips altogether will undoubtedly be more effective.

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