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Nadjarina: Conscious Luxury Line hosts Star studded fashion event at Spring Place LA

Nadjarina: Conscious Luxury Line hosts Star studded fashion event at Spring Place LA

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This weekend in Beverly Hills, an exclusive group gathered at the Nadjarina trunk show at private members club Spring Place including Pitch Perfect cast members Kelley Jakle and Chrissie Fit, British socialite and personality Lady Victoria Hervey, actress Juliette Goglia, actress Celeste Thorson and comedian Alice Wetterlund, among many more. They experienced the revolutionary impact that Nadjarina is creating on the sustainable fashion industry and got the chance to see the collection up close and meet one on one with designer Lindsey Mallon.

Lindsey Mallon, designer and founder of luxury fashion brand Nadjarina, brings awareness to the fashion industry with a conscious approach to design. Mallon’s line is conceptualized in a way that reflects women in society today: dynamic, independent and progressive. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, every piece is made with ethical manufacturing and sustainable practices. Mallon’s designs tread the line between social progression and fashion innovation. She upholds both style and ethics to the highest standard, believing that one shouldn’t be prioritized at the expense of the other.

Mallon’s experience with fashion is nothing short of extensive. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island School of Design, Mallon moved to New York City where she worked several jobs in the fashion industry, gradually developing skills and expertise in design, development, and production.

After some time in the hustle and bustle of New York City, Mallon moved to the paradoxical paradise that is Los Angeles, a city that balances both natural and urban living. Her time in both cities inspired the concept of Nadjarina. With a variety of silks, pleats, ruffles, fringes and angular cuts, Nadjarina is a line that has a bi-coastal aesthetic, striking equilibrium of bold, East Coast confidence and effortless West Coast tendencies.

The event was a huge success, with top celebrity stylists, fashion editors, tv hosts and celebrities mingling and enjoying the fashion, cocktails, photo booth and tarot card reader. They left with gorgeous gift bags and the lucky ones with their own piece of the guilt free couture fashion line.

Next on the horizon Nadjarina will be showcasing their next line of ethical luxury fashion.

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