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Useful tips to Wear Costume Jewelry for a Night Out

Useful tips to Wear Costume Jewelry for a Night Out

Costume jewellery is a beautiful imitation of fine pieces of ornamentation to complement and accessorize your dress on occasions such as birthday celebrations or parties with friends. It can be anything ranging from stylish earrings to delicate bracelets, gold-plated necklaces, rhinestone earrings to fancy brooches or hair clips, etc. With the girls’ chasing and its popularity in the fashion market, tons of different styles of new fashion jewellery are designed and brought in by wholesale jewelry manufacturers and resellers. And more and more women and girls are turning to costume jewellery for beauty, elegance and confidence for all events.

These articles of jewelry give you both lush style and an extravagant look by using inexpensive gemstones and yet give the visual appearance of a precious ornament. So, if you are planning a night out, it is advisable to use costume jewelry as a substitute of luxurious jewelry to enhance the beauty of your features and style. Flatter yourself by drawing everyone’s attention with beautiful rings or necklaces with a bold design around your neck.

Consider the following tips on how to wear fashion jewelry for a night out that makes you graceful yet chic. A few guidelines will outrightly transform your persona and add an extra layer of style to it.

“Less” is more!

Remember this golden rule; you don’t want to overdo your accessories.  Wearing too much will not necessarily add any extra sparkle.  On the contrary, it may make you look harsh and leave you feeling uncomfortable. Don’twear accessories on every body part imaginable; rather pick one or two items as your focal point.

Highlight the Positives

The best way is to use your accessories only to accentuate your features or use the articles of jewelry that showcase your garments more vivaciously.  For instance, you can make your neck look longer if you wear long earrings. Similarly, bangles will set off perfectly with half sleeves or elbow length whereas a necklace will complement a scoop neckline better.

Go with the Mood

The theme of your night out party has a substantial role to play in choosing the right jewelry. If you are going on a dinner date, pearls look ethereal, especially with a classy gown. But if you are headed to a club for a hangout with friends wear something more colorful, bolder and spunky.  It will make you look edgier and at the same time more vibrant.


Contrast and Match

Your skin tone and dress color should blend in with the shade of your jewelry piece. A long string of bright multicolor stones around your neck will look more striking on a black dress than on a printed fabric. Moreover, your jewelry style should accent your dress style and body attributes. Bulky earrings suit more to narrow faces and necks. Gold and silver filled metal necklaces bring panache to formal gowns. Pay attention to choosing necklaces because necklaces will usually serve as a major match with your outfit and temperament, if you mismatch with costume necklaces, it will ruin your appearance. Luckily, jewelry suppliers offer thousands of fashion styles of wholesale necklaces either online or offline for one’s choices, so do choose cautiously for necklaces by trying the necklace on with your preferred dresses before making decisions for wearing or buying.

Look for Comfort

No matter which costume jewelry you like or whether it makes you look uber, always look for comfort and fun in your accessories.  Afterall, it’s not the jewelry but your personality that needs to shine.  Ill-fitting jewelry or jewelry that clinks or tangles too much can make you self-conscious and ruin your night out.

Whatever piece of jewelry you choose, it should first and foremost, make you feel unique and confident. Create your own individual style that you can carry and enjoy to its peak!


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