Beyonce’s Spanx Hack That Has Everyone Going Crazy

So Queen Bee attended Rihanna’s Diamond ball looking beautiful as always but what caught everyone’s attention is  her “wardrobe malfunction”

She just gave birth to her twins Sir and Rumi three months ago, so did what every girl would and reached for shapewear but a gust of wind caught her dress and she flashed her one leg Spanx to the world.

Before now, I didn’t think of cutting one leg of my Spanx when wearing a high slit dress, this is definitely brilliant and above all, we realise Beyonce is one of us- she’s human!

Most of us don’t have money to splurge on Spanx then cut it off, so you can invest in bodysuit Spanx instead but if bodysuits arent closeby, you know what to do 🙂

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