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C’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

C’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

When shopping, after considering the pricing of a product, it’s a plus when I find out the store stocks other products on my shopping list.
That’s why C’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories is perfect, its a one-stop shop for fashion and beauty needs.
The store stocks products from fragrances, soaps, fashion accessories etc.
My must haves from the C’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories store are:


Paparazzi Jewelry

The Paparazzi collection caters for individuals with different personalities. Looking for pieces that scream drama, a classic, minimalistic designs, pieces that force you out of your comfort zone, intriguing pieces? The paparazzi collection stocks for all.

Still cant believe these cost only $5

The bracelets are delicate, dainty, elegant and feminine, they are of great sentimental value to its wearer.
The necklaces are very diverse, they are eye-catching and are made up of dramatic, chunky pieces and come in silver, gold, copper, rose gold or bedazzled.
The pieces are trendy and classy, and even after a trend dies, it’s still wearable.
The pieces in the collection are carefully thought out, they are fashionable, fabulous and come at great prices, so it’s basically a win-win as you look good without breaking the bank.

Bath/Beauty Products


The bath collection is perfect for aromatherapy bath lovers or anyone looking to upgrade their bath experience. The bath bombs, glycerine soap popsicles and chocolate chip cookies soap come highly recommended, and they are perfect together and are also great as stand alone.
Their surfactant-free bath bombs are dreamy and out of this world, and it is also non-irritating for sensitive skin.

The glycerine soap popsicles are nice twists to bar soaps as it comes in a variety of flavours: summer fling, electric lemonade, blue cotton candy, pink grapefruit, dreamsicle and watermelon.

The popsicles are great for the skin as it contains glycerin which is a treatment for the skin by maintaining water balance, promoting skin cell maturation and improving skin appearance.
C’s chocolate chip cookies soap look and smell edible and is the perfect treat after a long day.

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Looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?


Their scarves are a wardrobe must-have especially during winter, you get to protect yourself from the elements and make a fashion statement especially with the Pashima HD scarves which are 100% Viscose and the fabric is soft and long-lasting.

C’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories is giving away a $500.00 Target Gift Card to some lucky customer on November 15th, 2017.
Wondering why? It is because they love their customers both new and returning.
So do you shop at Target?
Would you like an extra $500.00 to shop for groceries, toys and clothes at Target for you and your family especially as Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner?

Follow the link below to partake in the giveaway:

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