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How to get rid of the trouble of tobacco stains and coffee stains?

How to get rid of the trouble of tobacco stains and coffee stains?

The aftermath of coffee and cigarettes left on the outer layer of your teeth are called extrinsic stains. If you’ve ever had them before you know exactly what I am talking about-they take the form of brown and yellow blotches that can turn an otherwise friendly smile into an unsightly mess.

How this occurs is actually fairly simple, though not immediately obvious to someone who has not studied the tooth on an up close and personal level.

Teeth are not quite as smooth as most people assume, and in fact, are littered with microscopic pits too small to be seen by the naked eye, but just big enough to allow discolouring properties from things like coffee or cigarettes to leave their mark.

What this all amounts to be numerous opportunities for stains to find a home.

Well to begin, an obvious piece of advice would be to quit smoking and cut back on coffee. As someone who drinks six cups of coffee a day, I am well-aware of how difficult this can be but the truth of the matter is, cutting back is unequivocally the best way to ensure that when your teeth stains leave, they stay gone.

Of course, there are also other steps you can take to ensure that your teeth start looking nice and white as you work on cutting back on a few less than ideal habits.

Unfortunately, while adjusting your smoke and coffee intake may help prevent stains in the future, it won’t do very much to eliminate the stains that already there. That is why further intervention can sometimes be necessary. Investing in a suitable electric toothbrush is one of the best ways to remove stains.

The power of an electric toothbrush will ensure that each tooth is addressed far more thoroughly during a tooth brushing session that can be said of efforts spent with a manual brush. Of course, not all electric toothbrushes are created equally, nor are they all used for the same thing. For the purposes of stain removal, there is no better brush than the Oral-B 8000 . This powerful handle offers unparalleled price to performance ratio and features advanced settings that will do the work of removing stains for you.

Using position detection to identify areas of the mouth you have already addressed, the Oral-B 8000 will help ensure that every single tooth is getting an appropriate amount of attention so that you can walk away from your brush session confident in the fact that you have received a comprehensive clean.

That coupled with the two-minute timer (to ensure you brush your teeth for the amount of time recommended by dentists) and the “Whitening” brushing mode offered on the brush all equate to a handle that has been specifically optimized to result in whiter teeth.

You deserve liberation from the brown and yellow stains that make you embarrassed to flash your beautiful smile. Fortunately, the road back to a mouth full of pearly whites is simpler than you might have thought. Investing in the Oral-B 8000 today will lead to a better smile tomorrow!


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