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Makeup Trend: Reverse winged liner

Makeup Trend: Reverse winged liner

Just when some of us are still trying to master the art of the winged liner, the reverse wing liner shows up!

I just can’t!

A lot of makeup artists have been experimenting with the reverse winged liner on Instagram.

 The classic flick remains the same but when you start to look at it, you realize that the eyebrow is in the wrong spot and that there’s something not quite right about the eye’s shape. Just when you think it might be some Photoshop trickery, you realize it’s the actual placement of the cat eye.

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Just apply as normal, but start thin on the outside corner and flick towards the nose. Your eyes will likely look closer together, so be warned, but it’s a pretty cool way to show off a steady hand and some excellent new liquid liner.

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