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Top Gift Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Top Gift Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary

What an auspicious day has arrived for your relationship! You have spent 50 years together, that is half of a century. We understand how big of a milestone it is for you. You must be earnest to make this day special for your spouse to remind her of your fond memories, to remind her of that naughty mischief you pulled together, for that time when you held your first baby and contemplated life and so many innumerable memories. In order to assist you on such a big day; we have got you lined up with the top gift ideas from for your spouse on your Golden Jubilee anniversary.

  1. A Handwritten Letter

Isn’t your romance brimming up on your spouse? Well, what could be better than a meaningful gift that pours out your heart? Write them a letter glorifying all the things you have done together, their place in your heart, those things that you adore about them and get them into nostalgia to the start of this beautiful journey you embarked on. Decorate the letter with their favourite colours; give it your personal touch. Remember you don’t need to be a hardcore artist to make a beautiful card as anything that has your touch hold more value for them.

  1. Why not a Vacation?

Together alone; without disturbances; with him or her on a long vacation; does this idea clicks your mind? Then go to your favourite holiday planner and book your tickets to the place where you first met, or you first went for vacations. Look at all those places where you had fun, remember those moments, relive them, experience them and just get lost in the mystic magic of that place with your spouse. Don’t forget the tickets at your home in all this excitement! Ha-ha!

  1. Something Handmade

We have already talked about how your partner’s going to love a handmade letter in a card. But we know you just can’t get enough of it. Another great gift would be a handmade decorative that will always stay close to your heart. Grab all the pictures of the time you spent together, from your wedding to your baby to your silver jubilee to the day your child graduated and you know better than us the taste of your partner. Now make a collage or a paste this all on a beautiful wall. We bet your partner’s going to love it.

  1. A Laugh-Out-Loud present

Are you looking to start this wonderful day with a hearty laugh and enjoy the whole day with laughter? Then you should definitely go for this gift. Just look for your longest standing jokes that you’d inside your head, now translate that joke into a gift to gift in the morning

  1. Jewelry

All the above gifts will give you another memory to cherish but if you want to gift your partner something that they can feel every day then a beautiful piece of jewelry is always a win-win. Not only has your spouse got an addition to his or her collection but also your spouse will think about you whenever wearing it.

These ideas are going to overwhelm your partner and get you guys brimming with emotions. We wish you the best wishes for your upcoming life.


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