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Three Ways Herbalife Distributors Make Money

Three Ways Herbalife Distributors Make Money

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Since 1980, a global network of independent Herbalife Nutrition distributors have earned supplemental income selling high-quality nutrition products. However, the work of these independent distributors goes far beyond that. Herbalife provides extensive training to ensure that each independent distributor has access to resources and tools developed by experts in nutrition, fitness, and wellness to guide clients towards their goals

Herbalife’s Person-to-Person Delivery Is Unique

Anyone can walk into a store, spend a few minutes talking to a sales representative, and walk out with a nutrition product that they hope will help them. Herbalife Nutrition has taken a different approach by making its nutritional support products available exclusively through a distributor network that provides personalized solutions to an individual’s nutritional needs. Each distributor feels motivated by helping people achieve big goals like weight loss and improved sports performance.

Herbalife entrepreneurs feel good about the nutritional support products they offer clients because each has undergone extensive and rigorous testing. Herbalife Nutrition has committed to working with suppliers who insist on the same high standards for planting and conservation that the company itself has.

Earning Money Through Herbalife Nutrition Clubs

One-way independent distributors choose to build their business is through a nutrition club. From its humble beginnings as a single community-based meeting in Mexico nearly 20 years ago, Herbalife nutrition clubs now have a presence in all 50 states and several countries.

Integrating Herbalife Nutrition Products With an Existing Health Business

Some independent people who already own or operate a wellness-related business choose to sell Herbalife Nutrition products. For example, gym owners can offer meal replacement shakes and other wellness support items to their members at a discount. Massage and spa businesses are other examples of businesses that could offer Herbalife nutrition products to people already interested in their physical and mental well-being.

Selling Herbalife Nutrition Products Directly to Clients

Herbalife offers its independent distributors a wholesale discount, and they then sell at retail prices. New Herbalife entrepreneurs start with a 25 percent discount and work their way up to a 50 percent product discount based on their sales performance.

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