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5 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas They’ll Actually Want to Wear Again

5 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas They’ll Actually Want to Wear Again

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Oftentimes, no matter how beautiful a bridesmaid dress may be, they usually are not worn again and stay in the back of your closet. But now, there are more styles available when it comes to bridesmaid dresses as trends have changed that allow more women more flexibility in choosing their ensembles. 

This means that women can get more mileage out of their dresses by wearing them on several occasions instead of one-off. Most bridesmaid dresses are not typically ready-to-wear, but there are ways to make them more practical. Some of these re-wearable styles include:

1. Neutral

For the perfect way to mix and match a bridesmaid look, one great option is to go the neutral color route, as it allows more flexibility and the bonus of wearing it at a variety of functions after the big day. Brides that give their bridesmaids the option of selecting their own neutral color are doing themselves a favor as it will cause less stress on the wedding day and give the bridesmaids more incentive to select something truly flattering that they can use in the future. With so many colors to choose from, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

2. High-Low

High-low hemlines are characterized by a hem that sits higher at the front and lower on the back. Also known as waterfall skirts, they are a fun and eye-catching frock that evolved into a mainstay in womenswear and a great consideration for a bridal event. Not only can high-low hemlines work for short or tall women, but they are easily dressed up or down for any future events after the big day. 

For the classic bridal theme, choose a clean silhouette that hits just above the ankle. For a more daring approach, opt for statement dresses that feature front slits or cascading trains, both fashion-forward options for a bridesmaid dress. 

3. Sage Green

One hue that made a charge to the forefront of fashion is the popularity of sage green bridesmaid dresses. The shade is trending for many reasons, but one of the primary ones is that the soft shade works any time of the year and is a hue that exudes sophistication. It works particularly well for outdoor or indoor events and looks great on just about any skin tone. Bridesmaids will love this color as it is easy to accentuate with other accessories to put together an altogether timeless look. 

4. Black 

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When it comes to fashion, you can never have too many black dresses as they are easy to dress up or down with the addition of a particular accessory or with a pop of color. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, the versatility is not only limitless but timeless as well. A black bridesmaid dress can be used in the future as a cocktail dress for another formal event. By simply adding new accessories, you can take that former bridesmaid dress to a new experience suitable for the occasion. 

5. Convertible Dress

A convertible dress offers the versatility that any woman prefers to have, particularly as a bridesmaid dress, since you can use it in the future to create new styles at other events. The range of wearability that comes with a convertible dress is one of its best features, and they can be tied in various ways to your liking that speak to your style without compromising any rules of engagement. 

Make the Most Out of Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Women who would like to add more life to their bridesmaid dress to be worn after the event should have a clear agenda in mind when selecting the appropriate dress. One of the key considerations is that accessories are critical in adding a new dimension to a dress. Simply by adding a belt, throwing a jacket or structured blazer on, a piece of classic jewelry, or even a scarf can go a long way towards truly transforming a dress and making it stand out in a new way. 

It is even possible to use a few different items that can help differentiate your overall look from previous ones. Another option is to wear the same dress to another wedding, particularly if it is a non-traditional dress. At the end of the day, you want to have a great bridesmaid dress that serves you functionally and fashionably.

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