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What to Buy your Partner as an Anniversary Gift on Valentine’s Day

What to Buy your Partner as an Anniversary Gift on Valentine’s Day

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If you first met your girlfriend on or near Valentine’s Day, this provides a great opportunity to merge an anniversary gift with a Valentine’s Day gift. Anniversaries are romantic in nature and combining the two occasions into a single gift is a wonderful way to show how much you care. Here are a few great gift ideas to give you some inspiration to acquire the perfect gift for your loved one on this special occasion.

  • A Special Photo Album – Start by purchasing an expensive photo album, and fill it with pictures of the two of you, with the earliest photos first and in chronological order. She will be enchanted by such a gift, and as she turns the pages, she will remember the photos and where they were taken, and when she reaches the last page, she will find an elegant piece of jewellery carefully attached to the sleeve. You can also write your own special message in the album, which will be something she will always treasure.
  • A Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet – Every woman would love to receive such a gift and every year after that, you can buy her charms to add to her growing collection. Purchasing a silver charm bracelet for your beloved will demonstrate your undying love and it is a gift that can be worn on every occasion.  Charm bracelets do have a special meaning for most women, and if she already has one, many women have more than one charm bracelet, which can be mixed and matched.

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  • A Romantic Heart Pendant – You can order an elegant pendant form an online jeweller, and by typing in your message, the pendant will be engraved prior to dispatch. There are many different designs and by searching online for an established online jeweller, you will have a much wider choice. There are also more last minute anniversary gift ideas you can check on various guides online that might give you some inspiration.

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  • A Swarovski Watch – As you are both celebrating a specific amount of time together, why not invest in a timeless Swarovski timepiece? There are many different designs, ensuring you can find one that suits her lifestyle, and you can also have a special anniversary message engraved, to make the gift personalised.
  • An Antique Rosewood Jewellery Box – She will obviously need a safe place to store all her jewellery, and what better gift than an antique rosewood jewellery box? You could have a photo of the two of you stuck on the inner surface of the lid, which will remind her who gave her this useful present.
  • A Special Anniversary Ring – If she already has a diamond engagement and wedding ring, you could buy her an anniversary ring with a special engraving. If she likes rubies or emeralds, a ring with precious stones inset would make for an ideal anniversary and Valentine’s Gift.
  • A Decadent Alcohol Gift Basket — It’s a common practice to pop a bottle of champagne or wine to celebrate milestones like anniversaries. If you’re looking for a gift that you can both enjoy, this luxurious gift basket of fine liqueur is the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. Top it off with a candlelit dinner, a bouquet of flowers, and a long-lasting gift as a souvenir for this milestone in your relationship.

Valentine’s Day is a matter of weeks away, yet it isn’t too late to order a special gift from an online jeweller, as it would be dispatched and would arrive in time for February 14th. Spend a little time thinking about how you will present your gift, which might include a romantic dinner for two at the restaurant where you had your first date.

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