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Antique Vs. Vintage Vs. Estate Rings – How Are They Different?

Antique Vs. Vintage Vs. Estate Rings – How Are They Different?

Rings are an integral aspect of jewellery that have been worn for thousands of years and as you would expect, rings are adorned for many reasons. As anyone who has ever shopped for rings can attest, there is an incredible variety of styles to choose from. But despite this diversity, all rings share a common history.

For thousands of years, people have been wearing rings as a way to express their beliefs, affiliations, and status. In many cultures, a ring is seen as a symbol of eternity, and so it is often given as a gift to mark special occasions. Rings can also be used as a form of self-expression; many people choose to wear rings as a way to show their individual style. Whether they are simple or ornate, plain or gem-studded, rings continue to be one of the most popular types of jewellery worn today.

Of course, we have engagement rings and wedding bands that symbolise romantic unions. This article takes a look at the terms ‘antique’ and ‘vintage’, along with explaining what an eternity ring means.

What Defines An Antique?

The term antique is often misused; yes, an antique is very old and technically, an item must be at least a century old in order to be classified as antique. When you look at the exquisite antique rings for sale online on the antique dealer’s website, each item’s age is listed, along with some of the history. A diamond engagement ring that was made in 1920 has only just come of age. Anything less than 100 years old is categorised as ‘vintage’. A vintage ring would be late Art Deco (1930s), and vintage starts at around 30 years old.

Vintage Rings

Post WWI jewellery sees the start of the vintage period and as far as value goes, vintage would be cheaper than antique, for obvious reasons. Anything after 1940 until a decade ago would be classed as vintage and if you collect vintage jewellery, take a look at the online antique dealer for a large catalogue of genuine antique and vintage pieces.

What Is An Estate Ring?

Estate jewellery has been worn and owned by at least one person; when you acquire an Edwardian diamond ring, who knows how many female fingers the item has graced? Technically, both antique and vintage rings are estate rings and many women love to acquire such jewellery.

Collecting Estate Jewellery

Many private investors acquire high value estate jewellery as part of their investment portfolio, which is one safe place to store your wealth. For some, investment blends with their hobby and passion; if you would like to start collecting antique and vintage jewellery as a form of investment, forge an alliance with a reputable antique dealer who can acquire items and appraise pieces that you are interested in acquiring.

Lovers Of History

Those who love rich and colourful history wear estate jewellery; it is also fashionable to present your fiancee with a diamond ring that was made many years ago. If you are planning to surprise your partner with a lifetime proposal, an estate ring would be perfect. So, technically, both antique and vintage rings are estate jewellery.

Online Solutions

If you are looking to acquire authentic antique or vintage jewellery, Google can take you to a leading antique dealer, where you can browse an extensive catalogue of estate jewellery. The dealer would know a great deal about the history of their inventory and you can book a private viewing at any time.

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Estate jewellery is very popular and for the best selection of genuine antique and vintage jewellery, contact a reputable antique dealer, where you can view jewellery from many different eras.

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