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Top Medical Aesthetic Treatments to Try in 2022

Top Medical Aesthetic Treatments to Try in 2022

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Aesthetic devices are in big demand for issues such as hair removal, fat removal, anti-aging, acne, and skin tightening and they deliver positive results in little time, with relatively no downtime required. If the idea of turning back the hands of time without going under the surgical knife appeals, the following aesthetic and laser treatments are some of the most popular and effective in current times.

Thermal Heating for Collagen Stimulation
If you are an avid spa-goer, then you may have heard of the term Ulthera, or HIFU. This treatment, which is used to battle lines and wrinkles and improve skin tightness, involves heating the deeper layers of the skin so as to stimulate collagen production. It gives areas such as the neck, chin, and brow an attractive lift, which is why it is known as a “gravity-defying” treatment. The technology used is radiofrequency (which has a heating effect) instead of laser therapy.

Laser Hair Removal
Modern-day beauty enthusiasts are no longer willing to shave, pluck and wax unwanted hair every few days or weeks. Laser hair removal is their treatment of choice since it leads to long-term solutions and eliminates 90% permanent hair reduction. Common treatment locations include the armpits, legs, bikini line, chin, and upper lip. During the treatment, a device is used to send a laser beam to your hair follicles. Targeted follicles are heated and damaged, and future hair growth is inhibited. Usually, people indeed between four and six sessions and the occasional maintenance session. As stated by an Austin med spa that provides laser treatments, obtaining smooth, hair-free skin can be achieved at an affordable price by purchasing a pack of treatments instead of individual ones. Cutting-edge lasers are quick and effective for all skin types.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing 
Fractional rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments reduce wrinkles, slow the effect of aging, and help battle an array of additional problems—including dark spots in the face and acne scars. This type of laser, popularly known as Fractora, can also be used to eliminate active cystic acne. During the treatment, a device is used to deliver laser microbeams to the lower layers of skin, creating ‘micro trauma’ so as to promote the skin’s natural healing process. The procedure can be used on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands, and it has no downtime.
Aesthetic medicine is growing in popularity across the globe at a vertiginous speed. Through these treatments, men and women can achieve skin elasticity, smoothness, and brightness. Just a few of the most in-demand treatments are fractional laser skin resurfacing, permanent hair reduction, and radiofrequency treatment to ‘lift’ skin without having to undergo a surgical procedure.

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