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The Imperfect Graduate ( My Early Apology)

The Imperfect Graduate ( My Early Apology)

I saw this post on Gabriel Esu’z Blog…he called it Gabriel The Failure…i totally disagree coz hes one o’ the best photographers in Nigeria ( no washin’) and a great mentor/motivator!!

*Climbs the Podium with Tears in eyes*


I failed. Yes! I Did.

Everyday I cry knowing that I am not Graduating with my peers. All the Congratulatory messages coming to me from those who don’t know my predicament just makes it worse. Such is Life.

I’m not gonna be like a typical Nigerian and blame the Devil for this. it was totally my fault. My Graduation is in the next two days…but i live to graduate another day.

The Look in my parents eyes is priceless. After inviting the whole village to attend, what are they gonna say? How would they explain this to all those people?

The Look in the eyes of my Friends. I hate this one. That look of “Gabriel you’re better than this”or “Why would you let this happen to you”. They hate me so much for what I did to myself.

*wipes tears*

I don’t have a problem with the shame that comes with it. I never have problem with shame. My only problem is the reactions from the ones that care about me. The thoughts of what life would have been like if I was Graduating haunt me too.

Friends ask me questions like “Gabriel what happened? You used to be good at all this school stuff”

Im faced with the trauma of having to explain this to people day after day, thats why i decided to put this on my blog.

To those I have disappointed, Im sorry for not meeting your expectations.

To those who Love and Care about me, I pray you find it in your heart to forgive me.

To those who believe in me, I promise not to let you down again.

To those who have and will make fun of this situation, I pray you don’t go through the same.

And to my Parents and Family, no amount of apology will suffice but all I have to say is “don’t lose Faith in me”

In Conclusion *wipes tears*

Im packing what I have left of my Reputation, Dignity and Heart. I’m facing school again with all my might and all that I have in me. Let this Blog Post count as evidence and proof.



See you at my 2nd Graduation.

Gabriel Esu

“It made me teary eyed abit…i still have a year left but ive always had this little feelin’ that not graduating might be my fate too….the thought has haunted me since 300lvl…People talkin’ behind my back or maybe in front sef…i hear them sayin’ -its only fashion she knows,olodo blogger…loool..( i might actually laff at that), i’m totally disappointed at u dero (something my grandma says dat makes me cry)

It makes me sad a times buh it also motivates me to do the other things im involved in better,i cant even check last semesters result,i wanted to drop out after it…it was soooooo flippin’ depressing!! I Pray a miracle happens sha-pray 4 me too….buh even if i dont graduate with my peers…I AM NOT A FAILURE!!!!i stayed till the end…i know alot of people that came in with me and got expelled,dropped out, even died!!!

So to those who aren’t graduating on friday…God still has a plan for you regardless!!!!Block your ears to the side-talk!!!”

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