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Obsidian:10 Days, 10 Ways; Day 9- “I look to you”

Obsidian:10 Days, 10 Ways; Day 9- “I look to you”

They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed- Psalm 34:5

There’s something Bishop Oyedepo always says,that since you can’t look up and look down at the same time,you can’t trust in God and put ur trust in man at the same time!

With this understanding I asked for the grace not ‘trust’ anyone but God in my exams and He has really come through for me!! I remember the things I read…the holy spirit has really been my helper!Its like having divine expo..hehe

About the outfit
I was sent this top by Obsidian for their 10 days,10 ways campaign, it was delivered to school on Wednesday ….I’m super late for my post tho been so busy with exams (forgive me)
They sent a size 12 but i’m I size 8/10 so I had to slim fit it,then I paired it with a Maryanne skirt (check out her collection from redef fashion show here) and an Imperiale accessories damask/ kente clutch ….I love it soooo much!! My huge bible actually fit in!

IMG_1993 Top: Obsidian // Skirt: Maryanne  // Clutch: Imperiale Accesories // Shoes: Shoedazzle // Belt:Asos
IMG_2003 IMG_1982 IMG_2033 IMG_1988IMG_2027 IMG_2102 IMG_1996 IMG_2000

Dero  bright IMG_2014

Photography: Gabriel Esu


Obsidian: L’Espace. 19a Olosa Street off Karimu Kotun, VI, Lagos

Skirt: Peju (Dorcas hall F307) 

Clutch: IMPERIAL ACCESORIES (Click Here) Tolu Kumuyi (Dorcas hall E407)

P.S Shouts to bisola and mercy for helping out

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P.P.S I have a paper by 2pm..pray for worked the last time 😀

P.P.P.S Sorry if Ive not replied ur emails,im so forgetful …Pls send them again 🙁

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan



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