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The Fashion Engineers Guide To Mixing Prints

The Fashion Engineers Guide To Mixing Prints

So I wrote this article for GMK magazine last month and since not many of you would have access to it..ive decided to post it on my blog again,i hope you find this helpful


I’ve  been seeing a lot people doing what is considered to be a fashion blunder MIXING PRINTS. There are different names for it, some call it pattern on pattern, pattern riot and other funny names but  just as ‘colour riot’ as it was called before it found its way into our hearts and we re-entitled  it colour blocking, I strongly believe mixing of prints (doesn’t have an official name yet) will have the same effect!!

There numerous designs of prints from polka dots to stripes to paisleys  to tartan to checks….etc  and this trend allows you to mix them up….there are no rules to be followed but always make sure there’s a plain coloured item on your outfit  so you don’t end up looking like your jenifa’s twin sister from ayetoro.loool


You don’t have to  master  this immediately but you can  start by mixing little pieces like accessories  e.g. leopard print maxi skirt with tribal print bangles or striped shirt with polka dot clutch

The plain colour here is the grey sweater


Top and Bottoms

The plain coloured item can be your shoes, blazer, bags, clutch, scarves. I  prefer using a colour that can be found on my outfit

  • Pair a floral top with a striped bottom

  •  Stripes on stripes-try sticking with horizontal stripes so you don’t look like a notebook :p




  • Polka dots on leopard print

 The plain coloured item here is the black leather jacket


Tops/Blazers and Scarves

If you’re going to pair your patterned blazer with your printed scarf/turban let your top/bottom be the  plain coloured item

Nancie Mwai of The fashion notebook

I like this-even her bag has prints sef……but her shoe is the plain colour and its a loud  one too



The plain coloured item should be the top if you’re going with the bottom and shoes combo and vice versa

See Also

Mixing African prints

Now I’ve brought it down to our level…african prints(Ankara) is easily accessible duhhh we are in Africa…loool, so next time you go to Balogun market or whatever store you go to buy your fabric try and buy different patterns so you can mix it up

Top stylist Crystal Deroche

Omawunmi (I LOVE THIS LOOK-5 STARS!!!!!)


Y’all aren’t left out too…….you can rock this trend in numerous ways -mixing prints with your blazer and pocket square, plaid ties/bowties and pattern trousers, shirts and sweaters, pattern shorts and patterned toms…the list is endless just make sure you have a solid colour in your combo!!!

Have a  Fantaboulous Day

Sayedero Enytan


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