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Starting a Fitness Journey.

Starting a Fitness Journey.

Every year we make resolutions, about how we want to be and what we want to do in the coming year. More often that not, a lot of us include “Oh I want to live a healthier lifestyle” “I’d go to the gym at least four times a week” “I will lose/add weight in the new year”. These and a host of others are amazing resolutions but then a lot of us either start and don’t finish or we don’t even start at all. *insert sad smiley face here* (or maybe even cry smiley, yes it is that hurtful) I’d be kicking off the Health and Fitness Segment with an introduction on how to start a sustainable fitness journey in Nigeria.

First of all, my name is Daisy and I am fitness nut (and the crowd says: Hi Daisy lol). I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist or any of that fancy stuff, I am just really into the whole fitness ‘waka‘. So let’s begin:

Set a realistic fitness goal.

I believe this is the first and most important step, you need to set a goal that is achievable without you breaking down and giving up at the long run. Fitness is a lifestyle and a journey, so you need to pace yourself and be in it for the long haul. Choose a goal you are most comfortable with, example “I want to drop 10kg in 3 months” “I want to fit in this dress by so and so date”. A goal gives you an idea of where you are going to and pushes you to get there, plus it also help determine the steps you need to take to achieve them so you are focused.

 YouTube is your friend

I say this because sincerely, YouTube is your friend. There are a ton of channels to choose from and maybe in subsequent posts I’d do a list of channels you absolutely have to subscribe to. YouTube provides you with videos on exercise and diet tips and with so many to choose from you can easily switch up you exercise routines. Also YouTube is great for if there isn’t a gym around your area or the ones around are just out of your pocket capacity (not in my area but still *side eyes bodyline gym*).

Pro tip: Get the Internet Download Manager and flourish 😉

Surround yourself with Positive people

Because who really needs to be surrounded by people who are constantly trying to bring you down and belittle your efforts. Truth is you need people who are going to motivate you and make you push yourself on days when you “can’t even!” believe me those days would come and you will need that push. Join a fitness whatsapp group, or a list on Twitter or you and your friends become gym buddies, follow fitness accounts on IG and twitter too. The possibilities are endless.

Be ready to switch up your diet

I know this is the one of the hardest part, I mean all that yummy goodness. Loool nope, your body is not a dustbin (say it after me :|). No really your body is a temple, treat it as such. There are so many easy recipes that are also healthy and delicious that you can find ingredients from your local market. Fitfam doesn’t have to mean boring or tasteless. I’d be posting a couple of my favorites both here and on my blog (when I eventually get to it lol).

Reward yourself (for all that hard work)

Because you deserve it, is it a well-earned rest day after two hard days at the gym, or a slice of your favorite dessert after a week of squeaky clean eating or a really nice dress that you couldn’t buy before but can absolutely buy now because you’d look smashing in it or a spa day? It doesn’t matter what it is, the truth is you have earned it so go for it. Besides a reward to look forward to helps you stay focused.

There are a ton of other tips that can help you start a sustainable journey, like a fitness journal, incorporating outdoor activities, taking rest days seriously, working within your means and budget, taking it one day at a time and so on.

Hopefully we can learn off each other and achieve our goals together. If you have any specific topic you’d like to talk about, you can sound off in the comments.

Love and Light.


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  • Awww! Daisy! Welcome. This fitness thing, pls also consider people that would like to ADD weight there are a lot of us out there! Never tho adding weight wud be this hard! Lol thanks for ur help already girl

    • haha I know, I have actually been on that adding weight journey before and for someone who has a high metabolism rate it was difficult but I have managed to put on a few pounds. Would gladly share in coming posts..

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