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9 Ways In Which Dating Helps You Keep Slim

9 Ways In Which Dating Helps You Keep Slim

9 Ways In Which Dating Helps You Keep Slim

We all know those women who never seem to order a salad at dinner or ever moan about starting a diet but yet they stay so slim, but why? The reasons why they stay so easily slim are because they are dating. Many women don’t realize how much dating can actually help keep them slim.

There are a number of different reasons why dating can help keep us slim which can be seen in this blog post. At a glance, it would be easy to say that they are in fact doing all the things that standard diets say not to do. It can be very frustrating to see them enjoying brownies when we’re stuck eating a bunch of leaves.

Here is how dating can help keep women slim and how we can start eating and thinking like a dater:

1.     They Have Treats On Dates

While we’re looking forward to having a piece of dark chocolate on Friday night, they are looking forward to their date. They don’t look forward to having treats because they usually share a dessert with their date anyway. They look forward to the date itself more than the treat. This means that during the week their mind isn’t constantly thinking about food and naughty treats. They are more likely thinking about what they are going to wear and have their hair like. This frame of thinking is what helps them avoid naughty treats without even knowing it.

2.     They Talk A Lot Over Dinner

When we eat dinner at home, we usually just have our heads down and eat without much conversation. This means that we are eating our food fast and probably not digesting it properly. Women who are dating will be more likely to talk a lot more over dinner with their date as they get to know each other and have fun. They will be eating a lot slower which means they’re body is able to better break down the food and digest it.

3.     They Eat Non Processed Foods On Dates

On a Friday night after a long week at work, we’re more likely to head to the take away or have a microwave meal than cook a meal from scratch. While we’re eating our way through a processed meal, women who are dating are out eating a freshly cooked meal at a restaurant.

When looking at ways to get slim or stay slim we see nearly all diets listing processed foods on the list of things to avoid. Instead of heading to the take away or a microwave meal on a Friday night, head to a restaurant to save time cooking.

4.     They Have High Self Esteem

Women who are dating will more than likely have high self-esteem because they are feeling confident from the attention they’re getting from the men or man they’re dating. Women who have low self-esteem tend to binge eat as they feel a bit low. When we are feeling low, it is natural to want to turn to comfort food. To avoid this happening, go out with your girlfriends and take up new hobbies to improve your self-esteem.

5.     They Cook Fresh Meals At Home

When women who date aren’t going out to restaurants, they are cooking meals for their dates at home for a cozier environment. Because they are trying to impress the man they are dating with their culinary skills, they cook some of the healthiest dinners. This is because they will likely use fresh ingredients and experiment with different ingredients and flavors. Women who are in long term relationships can do this too though. They can treat their man to a beautiful gourmet style meal every week using the freshest ingredients.

6.     They Don’t Count Calories

When eating out at a restaurant, women who date tend not to count the calories as it could potentially take some of the romance and fun out of the date. When they cook a meal at home for their date, they won’t count calories because they know that he will need a good hearty meal and not salad to win him over. Sometimes counting calories can lead to stress and stress can actually lead to weight gain and slower metabolism. Food should always be enjoyed and not counted. Listen to what your body wants and what it does not want instead.

7.     They’re More Conscious Of Their Appearance

Women who date take more time on their looks than women who are in relationships. They tend to set more boundaries while dating in terms of letting themselves go, as they are still at a stage where they want to grab the attention of men and impress them with their appearance as well as personality. Therefore they make more of an effort to hit the gym, to go for regular hair trims and to perfect their makeup. It is all too easy to get too comfortable in a relationship and forget about your appearance. Start hitting the gym or go running to stay slim.

8.     They Rarely Feel The Blues

Because women who date are always out and about having fun, they rarely feel the blues that other women might feel. Because they don’t feel the blues, they are less likely to turn to comfort food and binge eat. It is natural for us to turn to food when we’re feeling a bit low. When feeling low, hit the gym and work it out instead of turning to comfort food. The alternative is to make improvements in your life so that you don’t feel the blues regularly.

9.     They Shake What Their Mamma Gave Them

Women who are dating regularly go out to town with their girlfriends and spend most of the night on their feet dancing. While some women are spending 30 minutes a day doing a boring workout, other women are out enjoying themselves and dancing for hours through the night. There is no better workout then letting go and having fun on the dancefloor. Every woman should make time to go out with their girlfriends and dance the night away.

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