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Fitness Must-Have: Sports Bras

Fitness Must-Have: Sports Bras

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You may think sports bras are not important because they’re usually worn under a tank top or t-shirt, finding the right bra is quite important and, for those of us who work out, a truly supportive sports bra is an essential contraption.

Breasts are made out of a mix of fat and glandular (milk-producing) tissue and are suspended by fibrous tissue called Cooper’s ligaments. Because breasts are only anchored to the chest wall, they’re super vulnerable to motion, says Sherry Ross, M.D., an OB/GYN at Santa Monica’s Providence Saint John’s Health Center. On top of that, highly sensitive nerves are also layered throughout breast tissue (thus, erogenous zones), meaning that aggressive movements and activities can disrupt and tear them, creating pain.

Wearing a sports bra keeps the weight well-distributed during exercise, says Karena Wu, P.T., a physical therapist at New York’s ActiveCare Physical Therapy. “They offer support to the breast tissue, so that you can actually use your postural muscles on the back to stay vertical,” Wu says. (source)

If you go without a bra, the weight of your breasts could round your posture, pulling your head forward and pushing your ribcage down.


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