Simple Tips To Dress The Pear Shaped Body

It is not simple to find a truly perfect outfit. You need to think about so many things, like trends and season. When you have to think about your body shape, everything becomes even more complicated. Fortunately, at least for the pear body shape, there are some really simple suggestions you can easily take into account.

Fitted Tops

Fitted tops are wonderful at defining your waist. All you need to do is wear a fitted shirt and preferred bottoms so you can accentuate the curvy pear shape. Try to avoid the boxy tops that will hide the narrow waist. In the event that you are a little concerned as some tight-fitting tops can highlight body parts you want to hide, do not worry with the fitted top since it shows off that narrower waist and your shoulders.

Dark-Colored Bottoms

These are perfect, especially when you combine them with the already mentioned fitted top. Wear flared, dark pants since they create the visual illusion of being slimmer. This is definitely great for the woman with a pear body shape. Flare hem is great since it adds to the overall slimming effect. The result is a well-distributed and balanced body shape appearance.

Do not think that flared pants are no longer a thing. The seventies trend is back and strong.

Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

When you choose your clothes, you want to highlight your very best features. In the event that your shoulders are on that list, off-the-shoulder dresses are must-wear. To put even more accent on the upper body area, choose one dress that has extra detailing located on the bust. While this type of dress is not office appropriate, it is perfect for cocktail parties and date nights. Go as wild as you want in terms of colors.

Sleeveless Dresses

Talking about dresses, those that are sleeveless should be seriously considered. You can wear them when you need something comfortable or when you just need to choose something special for a date. It is impossible not to find a sleeveless dress that will look fantastic on the pear shape body. For an even better look, choose a sleeveless dress with a neckline that is embellished, or do it yourself.

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Belted Dresses

Out of all the A-line dresses, the belted one is highly popular, especially for a pear shape body. A cinched tie will accentuate curves and you can always choose something that is not neutral for a statement. Consider floral and feminine patterns. You can even choose retro polka dots dresses.

A belted dress is perfect for numerous events, including a simple lunch at the park or a formal office meeting. Add a denim jacket, a pair of block-heeled sandals and you can so easily transition from day to night.

Wrap Dresses

Last but not least, the wrap dress is perfect for the woman with a pear shape body. A wrapped belt will flatter at the right parts of the body and the flowy short sleeves make the dresses suitable for many possible occasions. Pair with white sneakers or flat slides and the daytime look is complete. When you want something formal, use an ankle strap sandal. Wrap dresses are highly versatile so you can easily take advantage of this.

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  • Hi Enytan! I am more of the petite looking girl… I have a friend who has a pear body shape though and wears more of baggy shirts,jeans and sneakers but mostly because she doesn’t know the right dresses. This is definitely going to help her, thank you!

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