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The Benefits of Using Stand Up Pouches

The Benefits of Using Stand Up Pouches

The packaging of a product is a significant factor when it comes to marketing products. If there is an insufficiency in the presentation or convenience in the packaging of a product, consumers may not purchase it. Consumers usually buy products which are useful, informative and have a unique packaging. With these factors in mind, a lot of businesses had turned to custom stand up pouches to pack their products instead of the conventional packaging such as metal tins, cartons, jars, bottles and cans.

Many businesses now use the custom stand up pouches and are ditching the inflexible or rigid packaging that they have been using. Stand up pouches might be fairly new on the manufacturing industry, but they are quickly becoming the first choice of manufacturers that wants a budget friendly but top-notch packing material for their products. Also, in terms of boosting sales and improved product endorsement, stand up pouches have consistently proved to be more beneficial to their business.

Custom stand up pouches offers multiple advantages for both the manufacturing companies and consumers. In this article we have a closer look of some of the advantages you can relish as manufacturer as well as a consumer when using stand up pouches.

Excellent graphics use.

Thanks to the progressing nature of our society’s technological innovation, it is now very easy to add amazing high definition graphics to stand up pouches which is a sure way to easily attract attention of consumers. And like it or not, human beings are visual creatures, and the perfect way to attract the attention of people is with anything that is stylish and with impressive visual prints that are seen on the product’s packaging.

To create stunning graphics for custom stand up pouches, flexographic printing is the way to go since it is the most versatile among all other options for package printing. It offers a very accurate control of ink printing on the packaging. Incorporating stand up pouches with premium quality and specialized printing will ensure of the best visual graphics for the products endorsed.

Distinct design and structure.

The stand up pouches are available in various shapes and sizes depending on the product and the manufacturer’s preference for the packaging. Most consumers are more familiar with the classic stand up pouches which are easily folded away when it is already empty. Other options for the pouches includes but are not limited to the following:

              Round Bottom Gusset – the edge of the gusset is fastened to each side of the supporting wall to give the packaging the additional strength for it to stand up.

              K-seal Gusset – seals on each side is at a 30-degree angle. This helps remove the pressure on both sides of the package therefore allowing extra volume.

              Bottom Gusset – it is perfect for those products that weighs up to 5 pounds since the product that is inside the package sits directly on the shelf.

Stand up pouches are designed to be able to be stored vertically so it is great in saving space. It not only enables manufacturers and retailers to store items efficiently, it also allows buyers to save space in their own homes. They can conveniently store stand up pouches in cabinets, drawers or their fridges.


It may be hard to fathom, but custom stand up pouches are less costly than those rigid packaging materials. According to research, a stand up pouch is usually priced at fifteen (15) centavos a piece. This is way cheaper than cartons (35 cents each), plastic jars (50 cents each) or with a metal tin (60 cents each). Rigid packaging of products costs about three times more than what would be spent when stand up pouches are used.

Custom stand up pouches are also made from a lightweight and thin material which makes it more flexible and versatile, therefore, giving the product a longer shelf life, convenience of transport and generally more cost-effective. It is really a perfect way to help the business that needs to cross cut expenses.

Environment friendly.

One of the substantial benefits of using custom stand up pouches is that the material used requires less content to make the packaging, hence, fewer resources were taken from mother earth. It involves less energy, water, and supplies when being made. It has detrimental effects on our environment if we consume too much natural resources and materials. Also, there is only a very few organic compounds that are produced during the manufacturing process that can cause damage to the environment.

On the other hand, stand up pouches can also be biodegradable and recyclable which results in reducing carbon footprint and it would have a positive impact on the environment. It would also be much easier to dispose after use or it can be reused too.

Safety of the product inside.

Every business’ main aim is to ensure that their products are always protected, even if already bought by their consumers. Custom stand up pouches helps the product to have a longer shelf life and remain fresh. It offers an incredible protection against harmful germs or bacteria that will make the products spoil faster.

Puncture-resistant films are also used for additional protection that is needed when the goods are being transported. There are also other films that incorporate a barrier that are used to protect the product against moisture, excessive heat, harmful UV rays or other toxins.

Convenient features.

Buyers will never overlook convenience. With stand up pouches, you can boost the value of your product by the packaging features that it provides. There are resealable locks which help to preserve food life therefore ensuring a great customer satisfaction with the product. There also other options for sealing such as zip locks, hooks and press to close. Any of these sealing options can provide convenience to buyers.  

If you would like to enjoy all these superb benefits of stand up pouches as a manufacturer, look for a credible company that can provide you with the best custom stand up pouches. The packaging manufacturer will be able to assist you in choosing the packaging option for your product.

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