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Signs That You Aren’t Meant for Your Love Interest

Signs That You Aren’t Meant for Your Love Interest

We like to put the blame on love. It frees us from any responsibility. When we are fall for someone we forget about the logic. Although, it’s true that someone ‘right’ for us mustn’t be our ultimate copy. Moreover, this person can be polar opposite to you, to your beliefs, to your likes and interests. But still, love is a choice, as in the end we choose the one with whom we jive well together. Real relationship can be built only with someone with whom you feel natural to be with. This is the person with whom you are meant to be.

Unfortunately, we rarely use logic when we pick a partner, or worse, a love interest. We prefer a mystifying explanation of why we ‘are meant to be’, sitting signals from the universe. Weather you like it or not, but people most often catch the wrong signal from the universe, or they simple misinterpret it. To avoid heartbreaks and blaming someone for something he or she is not guilty, mature russians advise you to check the signs that you may not be meant for your love interest.

You Dream About You Love Interest without Making Attempts to Get to Know Him/Her

You dream about your love interest? You think that you are meant to be, but make no attempts to get more acquainted with that person? You think that some miracle will happen and everything would eventually work out on its own? Well, unfortunately the war is over without even starting. Your daydreaming won’t lead you to anything. You can’t say that you are meant for someone whom you only dream about, as about you don’t know anything about your love interest until you get acquainted for real. Till then, you are in love with your dream, which is a far cry from the reality.

You and Your Partner Are Not Friends To Each Other

Let’s imagine that you are with a partner for whom you are not as meant as you think you are. Well, the very first sign is that you are everything to each other except friends. You may argue that your partner mustn’t be your best friend, still your relationships will not work if you are not friends with your partner. You think that sex and romance are the main forces of healthy relationships, but they are just the cherry on the top of cake, which is your relationships built on friendship. If you are not friends with each other, than you are not meant for each other, and your relationships are most likely doomed.

You Think That Your Partner Will Change

This is the classic case, which is the most wide spread. You think that you are meant for each other? Well, that means that you like everything about your partner. If you start dating with someone who you think you’re meant for, but you don’t like certain traits of that person that you hope will change one day, it’s a little bit of forgery, isn’t it? Moreover, this the screaming sign that you weren’t meant for each other. Once again, if you think that you were meant to be than you need to appreciate everything about each other. Still, if you hope that your partner will change for you, ask yourself if you are ready to change for him or her?

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