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Is A Meditation Garden Right For Your Home?  

Is A Meditation Garden Right For Your Home?  


Have you considered a meditation garden for your home? This project can be a gorgeous addition to your property giving you the benefits of relaxation.

You might object that you don’t currently have a garden or you even live in an apartment, but there are still possibilities in any given space that is available for use.

A meditation space is a great thing to have. If you already set time out of your busy life to meditate, then setting a physical space aside for meditation makes it easier to remember to do it. You’ll give your home more relaxation and newly rejuvenating feel.

So, just how much space does a meditation garden need? Also, what elements are going to work out the best?

In truth, you don’t need all that much space. We once had a patio space that was just 6 feet by 8 feet between an apartment and parking spaces, set off by a 10-foot fence. We actually turned that into an attractive tiny meditation garden. Given our high-intensity jobs and two kids, we certainly needed it. Given our lack of time for upkeep, we basically made it raked gravel, some comfy chairs, fence decorations, a big umbrella for shade, and a wind chime…even though there was rarely wind. As you can see, you don’t need tons of room, work, or money to make a calming space.

There are some things that happen more than others. Here’s a list of four common elements of meditation gardens. If you personally think I’ve missed one, or have an interesting story about how folks react differently to these elements or just a great anecdote about meditation gardens, post in the comment bar down below so we know.

1) Shade: This is common to meditation gardens, perhaps even necessary. It’s hard to find tranquility when you’re sweating under the hot sun and sweat is rolling down your nose. Forests are a place that many find to be peaceful.

2) Water: Many individuals find spending time on an ocean beach calming as an experience, and babbling brooks and mountain streams do the same thing on smaller scales. If you’re in a city, you might look at a large pot that has a hidden pump or a koi pond. Check out these water features for your backyard.

3) Green: This color is proven to be a calming one. The majority of greenery is multihued and soft. Native plants and vegetation are going to be less work and most likely to attract the local wildlife.

4) Seating: It’s not often that you see photographs of a person meditating while they are standing up. Of course the type of seating is likely to depend on the kind of sitting that you plan on doing. Sharing coffee with a loved one? Armed chairs and even a table are a good idea. Doing actual meditation in a lotus position? A simple mat might suffice. Need a nap? A hammock is a great choice.

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