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The Beauty of Plastic Surgery

The Beauty of Plastic Surgery

Over the years, most celebrities have gone under the knife to enhance their beauty in a bid to be attractive and look younger.Some plastic surgeries have ended up being a disaster thereby making them look so ridiculous. Some have shown how successful and rewarding plastic surgery can be, especially when its subtle that you cant tell if they got plastic surgery.

Kelly Rowland who is an American singer, actress and show host has undergone plastic surgery for her nose and boobs. The surgery has enhanced her looks and made her look more radiating and beautiful.Boob-jobs can go wrong and have side effects if not done properly. There are ladies who have lost their lives in the process just because they want a cheap price. Some cases could be as a result of silicon plants leaking after the boob job, but in getting that dream body you crave for you need to invest in it.

However, women still opt for the surgery using a good plastic surgery info they find to get their dream body.For most women, big breasts increases their self-esteem which is also one of the reason Breast Augmentation Surgery is still one of the top plastic surgeries in America.

Kelly Rowland shared in an interview in 2013 that she once considered having a boob-job ten years ago before the actual surgery. “I wanted to get breast implants when I was 18 but my mom and Beyonce’s mom told me to think about it first. I took their advice and waited 10 years.”

It really took her a long time to make the decision that turned out to be free from complications. She had to prepare herself before the boob job by putting on padded bras and getting to know how it feels to have big boobs.

Nose job reshapes the nose and nostrils. This surgery is not restricted to the celebrities as also common people get their nose fixed. A perfect nose job can change the overall appearance of a face, while a bad one can ruin your face.  Most patients of rhinoplasty (nose job) crave for a sharper nose tip with a narrower nose bridge while some prefer to have their nostrils shrunk.

Kelly Rowland could be said to be a good example of a successful plastic surgery as you could possibly find it hard to believe that she had ever done a nose job before in her life. Her boob job has also turned out like it is natural and she seems to look better by the day.

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  • This is exactly true, from last few years the numbers of celebrities with plastic surgeries is more than double. Relatively plastic surgeries have celebrated many folks such as Kylie Jenner. Within one year she becomes the Internet Queen whilst before a year she was nothing, whatever.

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