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7 Accessories Every Girl Should Have this Summer

7 Accessories Every Girl Should Have this Summer

It’s that time we have all been waiting for! Summer has officially arrived and it is time to shed our winter coats and wool leggings, and trade them in for rompers and bathing suits. It’s time to spend hours on the beach, smelling of sunscreen and saltwater, while oversized sunglasses sit perched on our noses. What better time than now to get all new accessories for the summer? Especially since last year’s purchases are way too outdated now to be repurposed. From the silly to the must-haves, this list has you covered.

The Essential Beach Bag

A cute oversized bag is a must for the summer. How else are you going to carry around a change of clothes, a beach towel, snacks, sunscreen, a purse and whatever else you deem necessary for a trip to the beach? Pick a fun, bright color and make sure there are plenty of pockets to hide things like money and keys.


Tassels are definitely still in, with people adorning everything from their ears and wrists to their bags and beach cover-ups with the fun fringe. Plus, they are super easy to incorporate into any wardrobe, especially if you DIY some looks yourself. Consider adding some colorful tassels to an otherwise boring straw bag or choose some fun strappy sandals that lace up with tassels.

Sunnies for the Win

The perfect pair of sunglasses not only shields your eyes from the sun, but it is also one of the best ways to make a fashion statement in the summer. Now is not the time to go for an understated look, so experiment with over-sized frames, crazy colors and prints, and retro shapes (like cat-eyes). You may want to take a trusted friend with you shopping though, since sometimes we really don’t know what suits our faces the best. Also, make sure to grab a few different styles, because you won’t want to see the same pair of sunglasses in every single photo you take.

Grab a Watch

When you aren’t playing in the water, you’ll need a new watch to match your dynamic summer style. Watches can certainly be serious business when it comes to the price, but you can also find something low-key and fun for a summer that won’t break the bank. Pick out a brand that you love that offers a little bit of everything, such as MVMT watches for ladies. MVMT’s collection is simple and affordable, and includes some models with pops of bright color and others that rock a sleeker classic vibe in silver.

The 1990s Are Back

Chokers and collars are still very much on trend, proving that most styles really do come back around. Eventually. The fun thing about these accessories though is how versatile they actually are. You can go for a fancier look by selecting a delicate layered choker or a more toned down look by choosing a minimal collar. Make sure to pair them with outfits that show them off, like off-the-shoulder tops and plunging necklines. Another old-school look that has come back is one you may recognize from when your mom dressed you when you were eight. Yep, it’s sheer socks with sandals. Whereas once wearing tights and socks with open-toed shoes would be an affront to fashion, now it’s totally cool. Which is fine by us, since it immediately makes us feel delicate and girly. Choose something sheer and lacy, perhaps even a pair with a scalloped ankle.

Straw Hats for the Win

If you have one of those massive floppy hats from years back, ditch it immediately. Straw hats are much trendier this year and no, we aren’t talking about the kind Vincent Van Gogh wore. Nowadays, straw hats come in a plethora of shapes and colors, meaning that you should be able to find something that suits your tastes. Yeah, sure, the hat also helps protect your skin from UV rays, but more importantly, the style gives off an effortlessly chic look that makes anyone look Parisian.

Bold Earrings

Matching earrings are so boring, which is why mismatched statement earrings are all the rage – they have even been popping up on major runways around the world. High-spirited and youthful, the trend is super fun to play around with since anything goes as long as you have the confidence to rock it. You can either choose to go crazy with statement pieces that will really draw attention or take it slower and choose some subtle earrings that play well together. Or if you can’t decide on two that look good, maybe just wear one earring and rock that! Check out the amazing earring selection on BaubleBar.

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