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How To Paint Faces Like A Pro

How To Paint Faces Like A Pro

Face painting is one of the most popular attractions at most summer festivals. If you are looking for a way to engage with a lot of people at these events, learning how to paint faces like a pro is a great way to do it. Once you master face painting, your options are practically unlimited in terms of where you can go. Whether you stay close to home or provide your services abroad, you can help children and adults alike have a great time at these events.

Prepare The Face

The first step is to prepare the skin for painting. Make sure that the person’s face is clean and free from oil. You may also want to use a special primer to give the face paint extra lasting power. Make sure that the primer is thoroughly dry before you begin painting the face. Additionally, if you are going to be working on a sunny day, you may want to choose products that have built-in sun protection to prevent sunburns.

Choose A Theme

Once you have a theme or character in mind, you can begin the face painting process. Typically, your best bet is to start with a solid color in the background. Apply it evenly with a sponge. In most cases, you should choose a relatively light color for the background. You can add additional depth and dimension later through the use of highlights and shadows. The best way to apply the base layer is by starting in the middle of the face and moving outward until you reach the edges. Once the base color is down, you can then add highlights and shadows using lighter or darker paint.


Enhance The Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important parts of most face painting looks. You can really help the eyes pop by outlining them with black eyeliner. Vary the pressure on your brush to change the width of the line. Depending on how detailed you want to get, you can even add false eyelashes to really draw attention to the eyes. Once the eyes are done, you can then focus on the mouth. Consider painting the mouth in a different color than the face to really help the lips stand out.

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Another Option

If you prefer, you can also paint faces without covering the entire face with paint. Instead, you can just add small details around the eyes, on the cheeks, or on the mouth without first laying down a base layer of color. This can provide a touch of whimsy and is a good choice for people who aren’t fully committed to having their entire face painted. UV body paint can be a great idea for this if you are going somewhere there will be limited light.

Use Accessories To Finish The Look

Although face painting can often stand on its own, adding accessories can be a lot of fun. Imagine how great it would be to add a pair of animal ears on a headband or a wig to complete the look. Smiffys carries a diverse line of accessories that can be used to provide the perfect finishing touch to the look.

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