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8 Myths about Hair Care: True or False?

8 Myths about Hair Care: True or False?

We all try to take care of our hair, but sometimes it turns out that our actions lead more often to damaging it rather than benefiting. Majority of the mistakes, we started making since our childhood days. In today’s article, we introduce to you the selection of the most common myths about caring for your curls.

Myth 1: Blow dryer hurts your hair, it’s better to let your hair dry naturally


False, if only your hair is not too short and can dry up in 15 minutes. Leaving your hair wet after taking shower can cause the water molecules to squeeze out protein from the hair structure which results in hair becoming fragile, dry and dull. What is the solution? Using a blow dryer, but on the low-degree temperature.

Myth 2: You should comb long hair often since it will stay more healthy

Combing is necessary for your hair. It allows to bring natural oils from the scalp to dry ends, moisturizing the hair along the entire length. But frequent combing leads to damaging the hair.

Myth 3: Stress makes your hair weak and facilitates the loss

Indeed, stress reduces the activity of blood circulation in the scalp, and this directly affects the health of the hair. Therefore, this statement is not a myth at all. Proper nutrition and anti-stress therapy should be present in your hair care activities, otherwise, stress will affect the condition of the hair.

Myth 4: Washing your hair every day keeps it clean and healthy

This is far from the truth. Only very greasy hair needs daily washing, the rest should adhere to the optimal rhythm in washing the hair – every other day. Otherwise, the ends of the hair will be deprived of the vital natural oil and start to deteriorate. Hairdressers also recommends doing the following: alternate a day of washing hair with shampoo with another day of only rinsing and conditioning to avoid using shampoo every day.

Myth 5: Eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil are the best hair conditioners

It is better to keep these products in the refrigerator, but not in the bathroom. Of course, if you apply them to your hair, then you will notice some results like soft and moisturized finish to your hair. These products have hair-friendly ingredients, such as keratin, amino acids, but egg and mayonnaise protein molecules are too large to penetrate inside of the hair.



Myth 6: Hair Extensions damage your own hair


It’s a common myth that is true until you are sure how to apply and remove them. According to the recommendations of Anchante Hair experts, clip-in hair extensions are considered as one of the safest and flexible types that can help to add extra length and volume in a matter of a minute.


Myth 7: Do not dye your hair during pregnancy

Hair coloring during pregnancy is not recommended, especially during the first trimester. The main concerns are that chemicals can penetrate inside and harm the development of the fetus. In addition, the structure of the hair under the impact of hormonal changes becomes different, and the coloring just might not work the way you want it. But the main reason is still a danger to the future child. However, in case of emergency, some hairdressers advise dying the hair in a way that it does not affect the scalp and avoid the absorption of harmful substances by the body.

Myth 8: Cold water makes your hair shiny

Cool rinsing will help close the cuticle of the hair and allow better reflection of light, that’s why completing the shower with cold water is useful not only for your health, but also for your beauty.


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