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RepairAm Review

RepairAm Review


My laptop battery has been faulty for over a year and I didn’t know where to get another,I was really worried I’d get a fake. RepairAm is owned by my cousin so I used them.

They battery came fast and I paid on delivery

About RepairAm

RepairAm is an online repair service that enables you place repair orders for your damaged devices/gadgets.

Using RepairAm is simple. You click on the “Place An Order” tab and fill in the required details. All the details required will give us all we need to process your order from start to finish. Once we receive your order, your gadget/device would be picked up, repaired and delivered back to you.

You will be able to track the status of your gadget/device by using the “Track Order” feature on our website. When you place an order, an “Order ID” will be generated automatically. You are required to save the generated “Order ID” as you would need it to track the status of your repair order from start to finish.

Once you make an order, we will contact you based on the information you send. You can be reached via your email, a text message or a call, a bill of the repair would be given to you.


You can either pay using the “Make Payment” feature on our website or you opt to pay on delivery/return.

P.S Paid for this with my own family discount *Side eye*

P.P.S For the love of TECH Ill be doing reviews on gadgets,cant let my engineering degree go to waste



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