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Natural Hair Care in Harmattan

Natural Hair Care in Harmattan

Harmattan is here again and as much as I love how fast my clothes dry,I hate the effect of the dry dust on my skin especially my hair!I have to always take extra care of my hair at this time if not Ill have major breakage

I’m going to share with you the things I do,products to use and where to get them

Shampoo less

Washing your hair with a conditioner instead  of a shampoo will help retain moisture .If you have to shampoo, use a sulfate free product as others will strip the hair of its essential oils ,if you don’t have a sulfate free shampoo use Dudu osun

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Try Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Conditioning Co Wash,Get it here


Protect your hair at night  

Cotton draws moisture away from your hair and the friction between your hair and a cotton  pillowcase causes dryness and breakage so remember to wear a silk/satin  scarf at night to create a barrier and protect your hair. Getting a satin pillowcase will be perfect (found one here)

Massage scalp

Massaging your scalp will help blood circulation which also helps your hair to grow, I recommend Jojoba oil because it is the only oil that has a similar composition to the sebum (natural oil) that is produced from our skin

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Get it here


Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments help to increase shine and reduce frizz as they help to retain and lock moisture in the hair. You can make your own treatment with one or more oils. Just heat up the oil, section your hair and apply to the scalp and the hair from root to tip  Cover with a shower cap for some minutes, rinse with a gentle shampoo, condition and air dry.Get hot oil here

Protective styling

Tuck your hair away and protect it from the harsh weather. Braids, weaves ,wigs and buns come in very handy at this time. Just so you know tucking your hair away doesn’t mean you should abandon it , don’t forget to keep moisturizing your hair by spraying something moisturizing on it everyday

Get affordable wigs here


Deep condition

Don’t even think of  skipping  your weekly deep conditioning treatments! For added conditioning benefits, after applying your treatment, sit under a steamer for 30 mins so the heat lifts the cuticles, allowing the conditioner to penetrate through, further conditioning your hair with the moist heat.Try Cantu  Deep Treatment Masque here




Change your sealant to a heavier oil or a butter. Castor oil, when used on the ends of the hair, will create a great barrier, preventing moisture from evaporating from the hair shaft, preventing split ends and breakage caused by dryness


  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Therapy here
  • Tropic Isle Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil here


Avoid the Dust.

Wearing a head wrap or Turban is always a good route to ensure the protection of your natural hair from the dust and harsh UVA/UVB rays from the sun, it should be a silk fabric but if you want to use a cotton fabric make sure your hair is in a wig cap

Nice Headwrap here for N1,250



Drink alot of water! Hydrate your body from the inside out and  if you find water boring (like me) add some fruit to it



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