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What is a BB Cream

What is a BB Cream


A little history

“BB” stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base.What became BB cream was originally formulated  in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients’ skin after facial peels and surgery, It was very popular in Asia where they went from being labeled Blemish Balms to  Beauty Balms

What is it?

The general idea is that they should provide SPF protection,moisture and sheer coverage alongside soothing and healing properties so you don’t have to use numerous products,think of it as a multitasking face product.

Its is thicker than a tinted moisturizer but it doesn’t offer as much coverage as a foundation


How to use?

What I like about the  BB Cream is you can wear it alone without foundation and you can get a light, natural finish coverage to give you a health glow and cover uneven skin tone. I tend not to use foundation for my everyday look  so this is perfect! If you have spots on your face or dark circles you might need to go over it when a concealer.


What about CC Creams?

I bet you guys have heard of CC creams,the “CC”  stands for color correct . Just like BB creams, most CC creams provide sun protection but unlike BB cream ,CC creams give more full, foundation- like coverage but feel like you’re wearing something very light,just so you know there’s also a DD cream ( so much alphabets 🙂 )

“DD” can stand for a “Dynamic Do-All,” “Dermatologically Defining,” and “Daily Defense,” depending on which brand you turn to. Get here


The price vary,in Nigeria its starts from N1,000,I haven’t been able to find high end BB creams here but you can check the MAC store at the malls for  MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF35

Where to Buy



1 Get HERE (N2,800)  // 2 Get HERE (N1,000) // 3 Get HERE (N2,000) // 4 Get HERE (N5,500)

You can also get CC  creams here

Have you used BB creams before,which is your favorite brand?

*Happy New Year guys!! Thanks for making last year Memorable!!*

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