Phillips Airfryer For Weight Loss

Ive been doing alot of healthy eating lately but one thing I’m trying really hard to cut out is fried food! I found an ad on the phillips airfryer in the papers and I had to do my research and share with you

The Philips airfryer is a revolution in home cooking that requires less oil than ever, allowing you to hot-air “fry” a variety of tasty, healthy, less fattening meals fast

The diet benefit of the airfryer is that it uses very little oil, which means very little fat. The airfryer makes food so healthy, but also tasty, by retaining the flavour, which is what we all love about fried food, but it also cooks the food through so it never gets crispy on the outside and uncooked on the inside.



How It Works

The Airfryer uses a technology that circulates hot air (at temperatures of up to 200 deg C) within the machine, and combines this with a grill element to literally fry food. As a result, you get crispy, browned, air-fried food from a reaction scientists call the Maillard effect. An air filter diffuses odours so your house won’t smell like a greasy kitchen. If you’ve got more dishes to prepare, you can even use an accessory that separates food, so you can cook multiple dishes at once. The cooking surfaces are non-stick and the flavors won’t mix.


Get it at JUMIA for N44,995 HERE

Get from KONGA  for N49,500 HERE,saw a really cheap one HERE

Get from Amazon  HERE









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  • There is no need to waste money on equipments like this . All you need to do is change the type of oil you use and don’t use excess oil . Your body needs fats also . You get those healthy fats from coconut oil olive oil avocado oil and also palm oil .

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