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Landscaping Tips for Your New Property

Landscaping Tips for Your New Property

The built environment can never be perfected without proper landscaping or a fusion with the natural environment (like green areas) and artificially created features. If you are looking to develop that new property, here are some tips to get started with.

1. Understand what you want: Depending on the surrounding or nature of your land, property or that new home, you will need to know what you and your family want. Will your family need to sit in the patio? Do you need a playground for your kids with green areas for their safety should they trip and fall? You need to visualize what you desire or what your clients want (if you are the landscape designer/architect). With this you can do a rough sketch of the different placements.

2. Study the weather/climatic conditions: Where does the sun rise from; where is the east and your west? You will agree that at noonday, the west side will be pretty hot so it won’t be a good day for any afternoon engagement. The direction of the wind is another consideration and once you understand this uniqueness about your site and environment solutions to them will be easily implemented like where you need shades, window hoods, strong equipment and their positions to guard against any strong wind, etc.

3. Do your sketch and labelling: With above understanding and awareness about what you want and the environmental peculiarities you can go ahead and sketch and specific what you want; their names, quantity, where you can get them, etc.

4. Costing and Estimates: With the list of what is required to achieve what you had in mind at number 1, you can go ahead and do a costing and estimate. You can get this by visiting artisans, vendors, professionals or go a for market survey. Now you have the costing and price list and can go shopping.

5. Don’t Rush the process: Landscaping is something that you need to experience. A design can appeal to your eyes when you see the pictures but there is a difference when you are in the particular space or environment. So, at every process of either planting a new tree, shrub or bringing a particular rock you love make sure you experience it. It can take weeks and months but at the end you will have achieved a good flow of spatial arrangement, feeling, mood and an environment that suits your daily needs and activities.

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