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Moving homes? Save money by using these tips

Moving homes? Save money by using these tips

If you are like a lot of people who have decided to start a new life in a new house and are looking for tips to save money. This post will help you make the move without hurting your wallet


Use cheap cardboard boxes

On cardboard boxes buy a large role in the lives of people who decide to change accommodation, you can save items, accessories, home accessories, furniture and many other items in a practical, comfortable and safe.


Get rid of what is no longer needed

A move is the perfect opportunity to get rid of items that are no longer used. Yes, giving to a family member, taking them to a charity flea market or selling them via the internet will have to move things less to your new home and, moreover, you can earn some money or help to those who need it most.

You should also hire a good home cleaning service to help take the stress off


Pack It Yourself: Some moving companies would charge you extra for Packing services and they can be really pricey (a good rule of thumb is 25 percent of the moving cost).  If you’re lazy like I am,you don’t need to pack it all yourself, you can always do a partial pack, and have the movers handle the rest. E.g  items that are nonfragile such as bedsheets can be packed easily without the risk of damage.

Move during the week

If you finally decide to hire a moving service, its recommend you make the transfer during the week if you can, as rates of this type of businesses tend to be higher on weekends.


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