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What I Wore: Kimono and Matching Pants

What I Wore: Kimono and Matching Pants

 Have you ever stayed without food and water for more than three days? Probably during a fast? Those who have done this know that it isn’t a very pleasurable experience because you feel very weak, dizzy and all you can think is the same thing your avoiding-FOOD!!!

Do you know that almost the same thing happens to your spirit man when you don’t give it the “food” it needs and most likely you will suffer from the same symptoms spiritually. Do you know that when you don’t eat physical food you’re so weak even a small child can push you and you fall same way when you are  not spiritually connected the devil and his agents have the audacity to harass you.

The way food is the material that provides living things with the nutrients they need for energy and growth is the same way staying connected to God by praying, reading His word(the bible),obeying his commandments nourishes our soul.

Not staying connected to God can be likened to being asleep spiritually so the devil can do whatever he wants to you. You know the story of the two prostitutes that were before King Solomon, it was when the mother of the alive child was asleep that her friend could exchange the living baby for the dead one.

(1Kings 3:20)  And she arose at midnight, and took my son from beside me, while thine handmaid slept, and laid it in her bosom, and laid her dead child in my bosom.


When you don’t stay connected, the devil will surely tamper with your destiny because you’re not under the covering,the most high cannot be your refuge and your fortress if you don’t dwell in His secret place.

Not being connected can only be likened to being in darkness

Not being connected can be likened to being blind

Someone once told me that abandoning your divine destiny is like giving your child out for adoption and when you’re not connected you lose the privilege of not being guided by the holy spirit to achieve your divine purpose on earth so in other words, The moment you take your eyes off God you take your eyes off your destiny-Stay Connected!

About the outfit

I’m still obsessed with kimonos,you can check the last kimono post here.This one is so unique because it comes in  a matching set with two different textures of fabric.Its probably sold out now,when its back I update you guys

Photography by ThephotocentricIMG_0250 IMG_0192 copy IMG_0223 copy IMG_0223 j copy IMG_0202 copy IMG_0254 copy

IMG_0263 copy

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