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Finally,you can charge your phone in your Jeans!

Finally,you can charge your phone in your Jeans!

Every  girl knows how important it is to be connected at all times. But when you’re constantly on the go without any place to power up, what’s a gal to do? Enter the #Hello jeans from Joe’s Jeans

But the convenience will cost you: The jeans, available in four washes, are priced at $189, plus another $49 for the custom battery.

The just-released style features new patent-pending pockets for your iPhone and a battery pack connected to a detachable USB cord that plugs directly into your phone. Basically, you can discreetly charge your phone, anytime, anywhere. The best part? It’s available in a Mid-Rise Skinny style in four different washes—black, gray, distressed washed indigo, and indigo—and retails for $189 (excluding the battery pack). The price tag doesn’t seem bad, considering these will make your life infinitely easier.


I quite skeptical about this,especially now that alot of deaths attributed to phone chargers exploding have been reported,what do you think?

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