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Men’s Style: Gray’s Anatomy

Men’s Style: Gray’s Anatomy


Hello again,

how’s it going with you and your wardrobe? I know it’s been a minute since my last post but I promise to try and deliver better, I’m still trying to get a hang of putting words in the text. Anyways to out talk for the day.


The colour gray (or grey if you choose) is a very interesting colour especially since it falls right there in the middle of two extremes (Black/White) which means that most if not everything that you can pair with the ‘MONOs’ can be paired with the gray. Yes, it’s really not black or white but a very gray area- no pun intended.


A few tips on how to wear a gray suit:

  • Find an embolden-er; Gray is subtle so you need a colour that pops, it doesn’t have to be a ‘bold’ colour but one that adds life to the ensemble.




  • Shade block; This is a way to maintain the minimalist approach but still add some edge to your outfit. I must note though that you should not use more than 3 shades, 2 is more advisable.




  • Brown; Has replaced black shoes on gray, except it’s an exclusive event or you’re wearing black bow-tie




  • Green; Make yourself the envy by using this color o the brooch, tie, socks (pairs well with brown shoes) or/and pocket squares. Try army.




  • Gold; Accessories as opposed to the Obvious choice, silver?… Heck why not.


Gray teeth
Crossed legs – gray
Gray pose


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