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Freesia Foodies Ofada Stew Review

Freesia Foodies Ofada Stew Review

Hi, My name is Sayedero and I’m obsessed with Ofada stew!

I really don’t care about ofada rice but the stew! Its my go to stew for everything, I hardly eat the normal tomato stew, I found this company, Freesia Foodies on Instagram -considering I’m hardly on Instagram discovering them was written in the stars lol!

IMG_9347 copy

I got 3 liters of ofada stew,delivery was super fast and I requested for plenty meat! Plenty meat I got-I literally eat a piece of meat with every spoon I take.

IMG_9348 copy

When you order they ask if you want it to be spicy- its not ofada stew if its not spicy, so I asked for it to be spicy!

I gave my mom and my friend some to eat , my mom said its nice but the meat was a little tasteless and my friend said it was too spicy ,but she wanted more -__-

The best thing i love is that the oil isn’t  much, I hate oily ofada!

With basmati rice -my everyday food


07082965617 or 08187360463

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Instagram: @freesiafoodies

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