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All You Need to Know About Preloved & Vintage Calvin Klein

All You Need to Know About Preloved & Vintage Calvin Klein

Every time we open our phones and surf through social media channels such as Twitter or Instagram or open up the newspapers, there are celebrities plastered everywhere dressed up to the nines in the most stunning outfits. We see all of these high end designer outfits and drool over the amazing intricate designs that we can only dream of ever wearing let alone owning.

If you are anything like me and love designer gear and big brands such as Calvin Klein, Christian Louboutin, Burberry and Michael Kors etc, then owning clothes, bags and shoes by these amazing brands will almost always stay as a dream…Unless, we decide to go preloved.

There are many amazing pre-loved and vintage clothes retailers out there such as Messina Hembry, ASOS Marketplace, Rebelle and many more who are becoming more and more popular each day for selling preloved designer gear. The great thing about these retailers, and what makes them one step above high street retailers, is that they allow us designer brand lovers to achieve our fashion dreams by owning designer clothes, bags and shoes by our dream brands such as Calvin Klein and many more.

Why is it that as soon as we see the iconic ‘CK’ branding, we suddenly lose all control of our senses and buying that Calvin Klein bag becomes our life mission?  And what makes these designer brands such as Calvin Klein and their products so prestigious in comparison to their high street competitors?

History, reputation and the name are what makes these successful designer brands keep being successful. With success and prestige brings with an expensive price tag which isn’t always feasible for the more budget restricted fashion fanatics out there. However, there is light on the horizon and we’ve managed to pick out the best places to find preloved and vintage Calvin Klein deals. Here are a few of our top picks from some of our favourite pre-loved and vintage clothing and accessories e-tailors.


fiver 1Messina Hembry £9.99 


fiver 2

ASOS Marketplace £45.99    


fiver 3

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Vestiaire Collective £49.50


I have to admit a lot of the designer gear that I own is vintage and I am a regular shopper with retailers such as Messina Hembry. The majority of my clothes are bought from such retailers but not just because they are a lot cheaper than normal high street stores, but because they sell high quality clothes from the designer brands.

So for all you fashionistas out there who want to dress like the A-listers, but cannot afford the Hollywood price tags then going with pre-loved designer gear is the best way to express your true fashion colours without getting yourself into masses of credit card debts!

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