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Five Easy Tips to Boost your Energy Naturally

Five Easy Tips to Boost your Energy Naturally

Five Easy Tips to Boost your Energy Naturally

Any store – not just health stores – now boasts huge arrays of pills, vitamins, minerals, soft drinks, energy drinks, salads, fruits, chairs, and anything else that the materialistic mind can dream of, which claim to be able to cure a lack of energy. Some of these items even take the form of normal food and drink, which claims to have additional things added to it to help with energy. Science, however, is not so quick to agree with them on their miraculous claims, saying that there are better ways to boost your energy. See the following five tips for ways to start boosting your energy naturally.

  1. Less Stress

            Stress is something which we are seeing more and more of in our modernised world, and it is something which can leach away your energy before you even notice. There are many ways to relieve stress, luckily, so if you feel that you have less energy because of what is going on, there are many ways to begin. The simplest ways to relieve stress are to talk to people – your friends and family are good for this, as they will sympathise with you. If you can, try and reduce the amount of work you have, as this will give you more time to spend relaxing (see here for details).

Other methods of stress release include taking Tai Chi or Yoga, talking to a therapist if things are very bad, or learning meditation.

  1. Exercise

            We realise that this one can sound strange, and indeed it does take a while for it to work, but exercise is a hugely popular way to boost your energy. Exercise tires you out, so that you will sleep better, which will give you more energy. It will also get your blood moving, and you moving, and so as a result you will feel fresher and more energised. Finally, exercise can help people to lose weight, which can give them more energy on a day-to-day basis. If you want to start exercising to lose weight, then you can enter this weight loss challenge.

  1. No Smoking

            We all know by now that smoking is bad for us – it can affect our lungs and heart, making our life expectancy shorten dramatically. What is not so well known is that smoking can cause insomnia, because the ingredient which makes smoking addictive – nicotine – is an active stimulant. This stimulant not only keeps you up at night, but it also acts to raise your blood pressure, something which uses up energy quickly.

  1. Sleep Less

This is probably up there with exercising for how strange it sounds, but too much sleep can actively drain energy. The prime amount of sleep for most people is six to eight hours a night. More than that can make it difficult to fall asleep on successive nights, leading to a snowballing situation where you are tired and lacking in energy during the day, but cannot sleep at night.

  1. Eat Properly

Eating for energy is something which can be difficult to get started (see here for tips) but once you do, you will find your energy levels hugely increased.

Rather than eating three big meals a day, try eating smaller meals with foods which are calorie-rich, but good for you, such as nuts, fish and avocados.


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