Fabulous Gifts for The Fashionable – Ulloo42 unique gifts that will set you apart from the crowd

Ulloo 42 is a new brand of Furnishings, Fashion and Lifestyle items, from a dining room table to a coaster, from a throne-like chair to a key ring, every piece of Ulloo42 is unique, artistic and fun. Ulloo42’s creation was inspired from a fusion of art and friendship from creative ladies Lise Abraham and Suzanne Currie, two best friends from England. The first part of the name, ULLOO, is a variant of the word ULO, or “house” in Igbo African, and is the word for Owl in Hindi. Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) suggested the number 42 was the numeric answer to the most important question in the universe.

These forward thinking ladies aim to reach their customer’s consciousness by being thought provoking and curious whilst being kind to the environment, each piece of furniture is a lovingly recreated vintage or upcycled item and each coaster and key ring is a reimagining of a piece of unique art.

Whether you decide to splurge on a dining table or simply go for a pair of earrings, your gift from Ulloo42’s collection will not go in noticed and since each piece is individually unique you can be certain that you will be giving a very special gift that no one else can replicate.

Have a bit of fun this holiday and take a step outside of the traditional gifts and see if you can make an impression with an amazing fashion forward gift from the Ulloo42 collection.


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